Waterbrook Sangiovese Rose (6)

Waterbrook Columbia Valley Sangiovese Rosé 6-Pack
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2014 Waterbrook Sangiovese Rosé, Columbia Valley
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Down to under a 1/2 case of rose left and 2 solid months of summer left for me. The only Ct comment is yum!. Any wooters care to comment on these?

This is typically a solid Rose for what it is. Waterbrook is the main Precept brand, based in Walla Walla, produce a boatload of wine and their winemaker is really good. I haven’t had this edition but it doesnt vary much from year to year. Being in the industry there until recently, that was the go to Rose if you wanted something cheap and you didn’t want to drink the pricier smaller batch stuff from the other wineries. Great for warm weather parties. It won’t blow your socks off but I think it will scratch an itch.