Waterbrook Sangiovese Rose (6)

So with RS at 9.5 g/l how does the sugar play with the acidity? Does this come off as dry? Off-dry? I wouldn’t expect it to seem more sweet than that.

I was interested until I saw the RS number. It’s an easy pass.

I have heard that 1% is the threshold for detecting sweetness to most palates. If so, this straddles that line and should be barely off-dry as you say.

This was my understanding as well, but every time this topic comes up and I read more, it gets more confusing. TA plays a huge role in perception here, so it is difficult to generalize lacking that additional parameter. Some studies suggest an 85% confidence level with as low as a 0.6% RS, and 2.0 g/L delta of RS and TA seems to be a tipping point. So we’re right on the margin here.
Seems like a bottle Lost may well enjoy, but likely production is way high for him. :tongue:

Last year’s vintage was semi dry, and quite complex in flavor. With the notes of berry and melon, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I thought it was one of the better wines I’d tried last year. I liked it so much, I reserved back two of the bottles, hoping to find more. I bought some of the new vintage as soon as I saw it.

As a general rule for me I look at the alcohol content in regards to RS and location of production…I would expect this to be typical of a dry Rose. Look at the bottle date and the fact that these were tank aged three months and that tells you right off the bat that these were harvested in early September…so at 13% and RS where it is and even if the RS number were not present 13% alcohol from grapes harvested in Wash ST in early September have little to no chance of producing a sweet wine

Decided to buy this and am glad I did, really tasty. I’ll probably buy more if it comes up again.

I was interested but it’s under the Precept umbrella and those wines don’t ship to Ohio. I did look at their website though and they have what looks to be a really nice tasting room so they are on the “maybe” list for our honeymoon.

What did you end up thinking about the Charles & Charles? After getting denied by my Target because… Sunday… I never did go back to score some on the cheap but I’m still sitting on a few from last year.