Watering Made Easy Sprinkler Station Squared

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Watering Made Easy Sprinkler Station Squared
$3.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Interesting concept!

So, all the hassle of hauling your hose around to water the lawn combined with the hassle of installing an in-ground sprinkler setup? Sounds great.

This thing is all wet.

Have fun breaking your ankle as you trip in the little hole :slight_smile: haha

From a SOG to Soggy…

Ugh, not this again. Yes there is a cap for this but it still looks ugly. I like that you have to water the AstroTurf in that picture though…can someone explain to me why you need this? It just seems like an awful idea and very ugly to me.

I mean this is the greatest product ever! everyone buy 3!!

Aren’t you all glad the SOG is gone? What the heck is this?

This looks ridiculous. Why go to the bother of burying this when you can just buy a sprinkler that sits on your lawn that you then take back inside?

In for 3.

do not want

Hmm…I kinda want to get three for my raised bed gardens, but at the same time would rather get a drip irrigation system.

All the convenience of a stand-alone sprinkler without all that messy portability…

I wonder how many people water themselves before they realize that the auto shutoff feature of the quick connect is not that great.

Perfect for your backyard Putt-Putt golf course. Dual purpose!

Totally in for three, and used the Jumbowoot coupon!

Thanks JW!

Picked up 6 of these when they were a regular Woot. Going the switch out some of the heads for larger spray area’s. Why spend 3K for a sprinkler system?

“Watering Made Easy Sprinkler Station Squared”

In for 3. Does that mean I get 9?

Way to be, Indiana. Just a bunch more suckas and we’ll be on to something decent…I hope.

There is no way in which this is easier than just using a sprinkler. The only thing this has going for it is possibly fooling people into thinking you have an in-ground system. If they don’t notice the hose running up to it that is.

Let’s see, buy a $10 sprinkler head, put it on the end of a hose, and move it wherever you like in 30 seconds, or buy a bunch of these and take hours to figure out the spray patterns and bury them all, then take longer every time you want to water the lawn because you have to go and disconnect and reconnect the hose at each station.

And buy the $10 sprinkler anyway because there will always be a spot you want to water where you don’t have one of these buried.

Could be the dumbest product of the month.