Watering Made Easy Sprinkler Station Squared

This is amazing if you want to water your apartment’s porch, and it IS Mac compatible!

one of the dumbest things ever made. Could not give it to me. Can pvc be recycled? If it can, you know what you can do with it. Wonder if they liquid welded the sprinkler head on it?

Wow, this seriously has to be one of the most worthless inventions who the hell would use this?

Someone give Kirkstone an award (again)

maybe if we keep not buying them they will give them like the tron fathead posters

Figures, I miss all the good stuff today, and now it’s just the junk no one wants.

epic memory CowboyDan…+infinity

Perfect for keeping those pesky cats off of the lawn

why, are they too busy laughing at you as you drag a hose out to put on a quick attach sprinkler head… they already laughed along with your neighbors as you buried the thing.

Do I understand this right? Rather than screw a sprinkler to the end of my hose and placing it on my lawn, I can dig up my lawn and shove the hose into the hole I’ve created, so that I can have a sprinkler on my lawn? Wow - this simplifies my life so much! Wish I could buy more than 3!

great for practicing my chip shots!


Lots of wooters reportedly wooting in WA, OR, NV, AZ now. Limited use for some markets for one reason or another. Just saying!

–and we just lost Nevada!

What happens to these in the winter? Does the residual water in them freeze, expanding as freezing water does, and split them open?

I guess if you lived somewhere where you weren’t allowed above ground sprinklers this would be a good way of giving your HOA a one fingered salute. Still pretty useless though.

My guess is an inbreeding problem which resulted in a massively low IQ level in certain areas. Looks like GA and MS are leading the way… theory is solid.

I keep thinking maybe someday Home Woot will have a blender/mixer, because that’s what my M-I-L wants for Christmas. But no, it’s all airbeds or woot.woot castoffs or weird shit like this.

I mean I guess this qualifies as a “Home” product, but only barely.

The only situation I can think of where this might be great is at my community garden plot. Except, they don’t like spray watering. And, it’s made of black plastic. Might be ok if it could be modified for drip lines, though-more of as an adaptor-but I think all the drip kits come with an adaptor, so…uh…errr…yeahh, no.

in for 0!

Better than the olive bonzai tree over at wine woot. Now THAT is stretching it.

If woot sell 10* bundle, in for 3. An amazon reviewer says the coverage is not big.