Waterloo 52" 8-Drawer Tool Chest

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Waterloo 52" 8-Drawer Tool Chest
Price: $169.13
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Wednesday, Jul 12 to Thursday, Jul 13) + transit
Condition: New


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I love a nice chest.

Dat’ list price…

I got my BoC… my life is complete… I feel as though I can live a full life now.

lokl bag of crap turns to ballons of Celebration? nice

I forgot the coding! been a while since i wooted… LOO parcel of feces

haha yeah that List price belongs in the Fiction section. Wishfull thinking at best.

1st one ever!!
(Is that enough exclamation points?)

This is the ‘upper’ chest in those towers you see in places like home improvement stores. Decent price, too. Harbor Freight version is ~$300-400 for this size.

I really should just turn off the twitter notifications, app notifications, and leave the keyboard from woot for the day. So far I have burnt my lunch, accidentally hung up on my husband, and am becoming saltier with each BOC I miss out on because I keep getting logged out of the system and have to re-log in for checkout for some dumb reason even when I check it to make sure on a random item and it doesn’t ask me to re-log in unless it is for a BOC. Ugh. But it’s the hunt that’s the fun right? Right?

Should have looked at the specs - the picture just shows a tool box upper portion. From amazon it shows a picture that includes a lower portion that is 51" tall total height and 140 lbs - not what I thought I was purchasing. Oops.

Wow … just north of $160 shipped (incl. sales tax, less Amazon Pay discount) would have been outstanding deal for the last tool chest I’d ever need. Alas, my research outlasted the stock. Believe it or not, these things really are that expensive… even the Mother Ship lists them for over $1100.

This was a fantastic price but it is a top chest and I do not have a 52" platform to set it on. I passed,then thought what if they WOOT-OFF a 52" base cabinet. That did not happen so I am glad I did not pull the trigger on it.

Dammit!!! Package was damaged and sent back to WOOT before I could even get it. :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

I guess that’s life though. At least I scored a BOC , it’s the little things that make me happy. Except this huge toolbox. That would have worked. :).

Now that is getting suspicious - the exact same thing happened here too!

Mine got canceled before it even got shipped. They said it was “oversold”. Really - seriously? sounds like a crock of s@#t to me. How could they possibly oversell something. Woot has been doing this far too long to be that incompetent. Probably more like some employee realized that they wanted one at that price and cancelled my order to get it. I am NOT happy!

Very sorry. Sometimes when Amazon goes to pull the inventory, they may find damaged units or just flat out missing. :frowning:

Since it seems to be “Amazon sold” according to what you imply -
Will Woot/Amazon honor the sale?

It’s not Amazon sold. We’re selling it. We use Amazon warehouses for our inventory much like other 3rd party vendors. There’s not much way to honor the sale if we don’t have the inventory. I’m sorry.