Waterloo 52" 8-Drawer Tool Chest

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Waterloo 52" 8-Drawer Tool Chest
Price: $749.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Friday, Dec 30 to Monday, Jan 02) + transit
Condition: New


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Who in their right mind would pay this much for a tool chest?

I saw the price and assumed it came full of tools. Apparently not.

Well you’re getting a heck of a deal on shipping.

I wish they didn’t have a 3 unit limit.

Bwahahahaha! This has to be a Woot joke.

If you’ve ever shopped professional tool boxes, they are not cheap. This is a good price for someone who needs one of this size.

Most households will NOT need something this big, nor would they happen to have a base chest of this size to put this on either.

(I will not attempt to put this on top of my 28" Montgomery Ward’s tool box.)

I have seen many tool chests sold under different names and different price ranges. Most were made in the same factory and just branded differently.

This is way over priced.

So you’re basically getting the top part of this combo (the smaller part), for $50 more…


Cheaper imports, no doubt. Waterloo does build their own tool boxes in Missouri, though.

Not exactly the same, but that’s not a bad price at all if the drawers are sturdy enough.

So “Made in the USA” means “we can’t afford cheap labor” means “we have to charge more” means “we sell less” means “we can’t afford as many workers” means “we sell less” means “everyone buys from China” means “Trump gets elected president”?

I’m with you. It better come full of tools for that price. Woot used to be great what happen? Must be the Amazon influence???

Wow, I think ALL of woot must be a joke today. ALL the prices are high. Especially the UGGGHHH!!! boots that are so overpriced to begin with even a sale looks high! I’ll wait till tomorrow, or next year…

I bought a 26" 4 drawer Waterloo toolbox at Lowes for $50 over Black Friday weekend.
So this one is twice as wide and has double the drawers…but if I were to buy 2 of the $50 ones I’d have 8 drawers…so…

the only real difference I see is the drawer capacity. The home one is 50lbs where this one is 110 lbs.
And sure that’s a big difference…but a $650 difference?

So yeah…if you’re a non professional looking for a toolbox…check out the regular versions of this box…this one isn’t meant for the average tinkerer.

I had to open this deal just to read the comments. I can understand a moderator trying to justify the absurd cost of this tool box. This price wouldn’t be good if they gave YOU $200 for shipping.
Harbor freight has tool boxes that are very good quality for about 1/2 the price of this. You can buy an entire 48" set for this price. I will give the company a + for having it made in the US, but still not worth the price.
I noticed some mentioning this box being used by professionals. I don’t think any real professionals would spend that kind of money on this box.

Is this real life?

You get what you pay for. These are good boxes. Take a look at sears, You can get stacks in all price ranges from $100 to $1000’s depending on the quality. Thanks woot for putting some decent tools on occasionally. Unfortunately I was only looking for a refurb roomba or a leakfrog today ;). Maybe the mythical boc.

What about the $1601 list price? Holy smokes.

Well said… and let me know if you run across a left-handed wrench or screwdriver in your search.