Wattle Creek Cabernet Sauvignon - 2 Pack

Wattle Creek Cabernet Sauvignon - 2 Pack
$59.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 2 Wattle Creek 2006 Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon
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Previous offer:

they forgot to put that snobby looking monkey pic.

Hey Cesare,

That previous offer seems differ than this one…

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It was 4 bottles of their Shiraz (Syrah).

The previous offer(s) are always offers from the same winery. Not necessarily the same wine.

Black tie Monday apparently?:wink: I think even the last few Wednesdays have averaged out to $22 per bottle…

Let’s see what info the forum digs up by later this morning!

can anyone comment on their earlier shirah offering?? the winery’s style of making their wine perhaps?

Winery shows the 2007 (not the 2006) for $58 each, or $46.40 for members. About 1/2-off relative to winery list.

So, how would this differ from the Monkey Prize 2, aside from costing [edit} three times as much? Is it only that it’s pre-cellared, so we should expect to be able to drink it soon after arrival? Or should we expect drops of incarnadine ambrosia for the price? Inquiring minds want to know.

Damn you Woot. Right after you sell me a six pack of young cabs, you immediately follow it up with some decently aged cabs to occupy me while the others sit. Some significantly expensive cabs. Right after payday. UGGGGGHHHHHHHHH

Wine Access just had this wine. Does anyone know the cost per bottle from that sale?

This is over 2x as much per bottle and has had almost 3 years of bottle conditioning. If ava, stats, and price are indicative of aging potential, this should easily go a few more years. With a quick judging from the sole CT note, this looks like it might need to settle down for a good 55 degree nap in the cellar.

What side of the Alexander Valley is this from anyways?

So the answer is, that for three times as much, we get wine that will be ready to drink some time after the Monkey Prize? Not for me, but probably just right for somebody.

Website for Wattle Creek has the 2006 CS for $90.00 per bottle.


They also say oak aged for 21 months, not 19.

Davy’s wine in London says 22.95 pounds (36.95 US). I wonder if he has any…

Tasting notes from Wine Access Travel Log

2006 Wattle Creek Winery Cabernet Sauvignon Alexander Valley
“Dark purple to the edge. Powerful aromas of cassis and crushed dark cherries. Rich and concentrated on the attack with broad, mouth coating flavors, excellent persistence and the long, fine chiseled finish that speaks so strongly of coastal influences. Drink now for the sheer hedonism of it all, or age for up to a decade.”


I don’t know the wine, but the description implies an international style Cabernet from an OK year. Probably at its best in the next year or so, if this is your style.

This was offered on 03/01/2011 at the following prices:
Reg. price $58, 1 bottle $29.99
6-11 bottles $26.99
12 bottles $23.99

This from the offering:
This is a superb effort. Dark purple, explosive cassis on the nose, pure, dense and compact on the palate, the fruit isn’t simply sweet, but broad and opulent. Of course, what really sets those Silver Oak Cabernets apart is the fine structure imparted by the coastal fog. It’s much the same here. Drink this one now – it’s hard to find anything out here that’s this delicious and food friendly in youth at anywhere near the price tag – or lay it down. Either way you look at it, you win.

Deep purple in color, explosive cassis on the nose, beautifully honed on the palate, this estate-grown gem has it all: dark concentration, chiseled structure, and that rare coastal finish that makes this Silver Oak rendition such a phenomenon. This is just a fabulous everyday Cabernet that will age gracefully for a decade.

Hi Chris,

Being from Australia, are you attempting a more “Aussie Styled” wine… i.e. fruit forward?

EDIT: The tasting notes in the post above seem to indicate it?

It’s really funny. The very best Australian wine I have tasted - about a dozen vintages of Penfolds Grange Hermitage over the years - wasn’t “Aussie Styled” wine. It was, however, a great wine.

Out of curiosity, what are the requirements for a “Black Tie Buy”? $31 a bottle?