Wattle Creek Winery 2008 Alexander Valley Shiraz 4 Pack

Wattle Creek Winery 2008 Alexander Valley Shiraz 4 Pack
$49.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 4 Wattle Creek Winery 2008 Alexander Valley Shiraz
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Couldn’t be more right about the speed of smart post. I had 3 woot packages stuck 10 miles away from Seattle for 5 days.

am I missing something? what does this have to do with penguins & football?

Penguins waddle. WD’s clue was two part, both the penguin and the mention of him walking. We all suck. :tongue:

…thought I’d remind everyone that the 2008 smoke damage was in Anderson Valley - not Alexander Valley.

Interesting to see that this winery’s tasting room is in Ghiradelli Square SF.

Apparently they also make a sparkling Shiraz which I would like to try next time I’m in SF.

oh, man… first clue I actually saw too. dammit. we do suck.

This is really young. I’d like to know the drinking window. Also pH and TA, please.

The website says “We currently do not ship to the following states: Massachusetts, North Dakota, or Utah.”

So why is New Jersey still excluded from this sale? I can just ship it to my office like I usually do, but it’s a pain to lug 12 bottles of wine home from Manhattan.

Oak types and % of new and used? Also, stylistic goals? The alc. suggests more of a bomby style.

NJ recently changed something about their shipping to laws and places like wine.woot. I don’t quite know what they did, but I remember hearing something specifically about it.

Interesting that Kansas where I live is just the reverse, it used to never be on the winewoot list due to laws but just in the last few months to a year it seems like its on most all of them now.

Hey, I actually googled Waddle, and found a Waddle Creek Shiraz? It didn’t compute at the time, so I didn’t post. Instead, I wasted my time digging out my backup drive and watching “Time Enough At Last” w/ Burgess Meredith. Next up… Mr. Dingle, The Strong.

Did you actually google “waddle” or “wattle”?

Why is this called Shiraz? Isn’t that varietal name reserved for Syrah grown in Australia?

Syrah = Not grown in Australia
Shiraz = Grown in Australia

Not that there is any legal issue in this case(is there?) but this is akin to calling California sparkling wine Champagne.

I googled two words>> waddle wine and a half page down was this>> http://www.wine-searcher.com/find/waddle+creek+shiraz

…go figure. Hmmm, in an earlier search I may have entered waddle creek. I wonder if MY browser stored that search and somehow it appeared in a different search?? Maybe you can try it and tell me if you find the same result.

It is somewhat unusual for an American Syrah to be called “Shiraz,” but it’s not the same as using the name “Champagne,” which is a specific wine region in France.

Australia has no analogous region named Shiraz, although some have speculated that the wine originated in Shiraz, Iran (Persia).

As far as I know, Shiraz is permissible for labeling–Two Buck Chuck is labeled as CA Shiraz, for one. It’s likely more of a marketing angle. If you want to be associated with cheap, middling mass-market reds or big, ripping, overripe bombers, Shiraz is the way to go. Syrah denotes something less extreme, though there are quite a few Syrah bombers domestically.

Why not? - I googled and did indeed find a couple of hits on the second page, which seem to be based on others’ misspellings (“Waddle Creek”).

Did you see the “Little Penguin Pinot Noir” on the fir**st page? The reference to Gary V made me chuckle.