Wattle Creek Winery 2008 Alexander Valley Shiraz - 4 Pack

Wattle Creek Winery 2008 Alexander Valley Shiraz - 4 Pack
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PRODUCT: 4 Wattle Creek Winery 2008 Alexander Valley Shiraz

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$38 a bottle on their website… seems like a nice one

Wasn’t this just Monday’s woot? Oops. That was the Cabernet Sauvignon.

Have had this too (split so only had two bottles). If you’re a Shiraz lover you’ll like this. It liked being decanted and was very smooth. (velvety) I need to start taking notes, sorry guys. I promise I don’t love all the wine I drink but I did love this one. Wish I had more. Under SIWBM now.

Same people, Different wine :slight_smile:

From the last offering:

No action on CT. Tough to go in without someone’s opinion.

I like the varietal so I’ll take two based on the review…

I have a "crap"load of wine coming after the last couple weeks…cases.

Looks tasty I’m in for one.

previous woot

and for those concerned about the 2008 fire/smoke

Anyone with taste notes? Any volunteer? ANYONE?

does anyone know how often woot cellars wines are included in wine woot-offs?

Hmmm. 150+ buyers last December. You would think at least one of the people reading the forums would have been a buyer and would have opened one by now, even as young as it is.

Maybe they’re all on the East Coast and have gone to bed.

Yes. Not me, but I’m certain that WineDavid knows :wink:

I promise I’ll start taking notes. Newbie mistake!

Soo tempting… down for one. Damn you wine.woot.com, stop offering good wine for a little while.

Oops. I saw you up there, but your post slipped my mind. When you say, “If you like Shiraz,” what do you think a Shiraz should be? Other than “velvety,” which sounds like a good thing. I mean, it sounds like it met your expectations of a Shiraz, but what are they? Lots of fruit? Tannins? “Leather”? Crisp? “Peppery”? I assume that if you like crisp fruit and got old leather book, you would not have been happy…

I have 6-7 cases coming this week as well. Yikes!

yeah I do appreciate your opinion and thank you for that. I just wanted to see few more, that’s all.