Waun Tauns

Nooooo, no no no. I can’t handle the punniness on this one.

This is amazing…and I think I’m in for both a tee and a tote. Why no standard tee option, though?

Heh… Lukewarm

Heh. They’re listed as Totes on the backend. Give me a few minutes to fix it.

Update: Fixed. Order away.

Done and done.

Those were the shirts I was looking for. You can go about your business. Move along, move along.

I’ve poked Ocho.

But I already fixed it. :wah:

Call me slow. There was about a 15 minute gap between me pulling up the page to see the issue first, sending off the email, and then clicking ‘post’.

My thoughts, exactly.



If only Porkins made it through Episode IV…You know he’d be down for a double order.

In for both, I only wish the tote were big enough for storing this:


Where is the option for the tote? I don’t see a way to change the style from “tee”

The tote was only available on its debut day.

Bring back the tote!