WAYPOR Ice Grips Ice Cleat

WAYPOR Ice Grips Ice Cleat

@ThunderThighs Do you have any info on what size is being sold here? Product info shows three different sizes, but there is just a single ‘add to cart’ button with no size selector. Thanks!

I too would like to know what size is being offered.

Hi there. It’s hiding below the price:

Size Small

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So @ThunderThighs if small was the only size offered, and I hence ordered a small…why did I receive a medium (per the package anyway) and since they appear to be sold out am I SOL on an exchange for the correct size?

Because amazon sometimes sucks and puts the wrong size in the bins with the corrrect size. Most of our clearance items are from amazon excess inventory. If there’s an error in the product, we inherit it, unfortunately. Woot CS will take care of you to the best of their ability.