WBM Himalayan Salt Plates (2)

WBM International 8" x 4" x 2" Himalayan Salt Cooking Plates, Set of 2
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Lets learn how to cook with Himalayan salt plates

With the free shipping, this is actually a good deal…


This isn’t the same product, since they are only 1", not 2", thick like the Woot ones. However, the 2" are available on Amazon with $0.01 shipping for $23.89.


Two words:

Pathogenic Halophiles

May want to heat off and kill anything that may try to grow on it after every use.

Thanks! I didn’t know those animals existed.

If one is cooking with it; they should die anyway as Microbiological Safety and Quality of Food (which is all I could find relating to food) would suggest the only ones present or of concern in food are most prevalent at low temperatures and in an environment of moderate saline concentration. listeria monocytogenes and staphylococcus aureus would be of highest concern to me.

I don’t think anything can live on a block of salt.
On another note, there has to be less expensive options. I bought an entire lamp filled with about 5LBs of this stuff for $15.

“Halophiles can be found anywhere with a concentration of salt five times greater than the salt concentration of the ocean, such as the Great Salt Lake in Utah, Owens Lake in California, the Dead Sea, and in evaporation ponds.”

This said, the chances of these being on these salt blocks are virtually impossible. More discussion here.

It isn’t the salt itself; it’s the fact that it’s in a solid piece that you can use for cooking or chilling.

As pretty as I’m sure your lamp is, I doubt you could get the salt to hold together to cook/serve food on it. =)

Halophiles still need water, like most living things, to live. A salt block that is almost always dry (except when it’s being used) will unlikely support halophiles.

I bought 2 8x8’s a few years back and have had NO problems with them, just clean them the next day and store them, btw They cook a mean Ribeye on them. love mine

believe me with a pre heat of about 30 minutes NOTHING will live through that

My tracking still reports as “Shipping Label Created, Will update Delivery Date Once Package Is Received” Shipping label was created on 8/5/15.

Where is my order woot?

My tracking says label created but no estimate of when its getting here. Twelve days is a little long for something that is NOT a printed to order t shirt.

My package information also says it weighs 32 POUNDS, maybe that is part of the problem? It probably should weigh around five pounds?

TT was sniffing around for info this morning. You should see something soon. Sorry for the delay.

Same issue here label created but no tracking activity and delivered date already past

Got mine yesterday. One slab was broken…

Third time I have purchased these slabs online. All 3 times they have arrived damaged. I will NEVER buy this product online again. People today really and truly are just plain stupid. There was no cushioning material in the shipping box. The slabs were not individually wrapped, nothing. Just 2 little air pillows that were both popped. These are heavy objects to ship! These are fragile rock slabs and no care was taken to ship them correctly.

So sad…these big companies just don’t care anymore.

Still nothing in the mail on this order. Woot normally is great on shipping.

BTW Why can’t I use paypal on orders? My fiance had used paypal this month, why can’t I?

I’m very sorry about this. There were some problems at the vendor but I see that it was picked up earlier this week and is on the way to you.

We are slowly moving away from PayPal. If you have an account already set up, you can use it. You can not set up PayPal as a new payment source or re-add it if you remove it.