WCC Warehouse Clearance 'Box of Junk'

WCC Warehouse Clearance 'Box of Junk'

bought 5 hoping to get the peanut butters or the cheese kits

Like a BOC, but for wine.woot? And I can buy 10? Um… frightened and needing to buy Christmas gifts for others, so in for a deuce?

I got my BOC and LE BOC yesterday so I’m in for one.

I went in for one. I’ve only ever gotten 1 Bag Of Carp before, but I have made use of a few of the items it gave, do not complete crap.
I’m interested in what develops from this one. I’m also curious if this is limited as is the usual Bin Of Cat, but can’t find much info on this warehouse clearance.

Ooooooh how fun! :smile:

Well as other have said sounds like a BOC but that is what we love :slight_smile: and looking forward to the cheese kit {fingers crossed}

Finally find a deal that sounds great, and this is the response I get. Really, Woot? Maybe throw me a bone and a hint how to fix it? I’ve logged in and out, but you keep throwing the same response at me. Thank you, Grinch McWoot. My shipping and payment boxes show: We noticed you’ve been inactive a while. For safety we signed you out.

OK, OK I’m in, much easier then trying, and failing to get a BOC. Thanks WD!!

Same. I must be allergic to money.

I’ve never been quick enough to snag anything of Crap, so. I didn’t pause to tead the description of the Junk - OOPS! :joy:
My body gets angry if I ask it to metabolize alcohol, and tries to kill me via hypotension, so I don’t own any wine or drink inking equipment… welp, guess I’ll just have to tempt the Fates so all that paraphernalia isn’t lonely! Should make for an interesting picture - just have to be sure to leave a note asking the EMT’s to post it for me. :wine_glass::funeral_urn:

Manner of Death:
Dusty & Neglected


I have not been fortunate enough to land on a BOC this year since, so this was the next closest thing! I decided to triple up on the gamble… we shall see if it pays off. I have thoroughly enjoyed purchases I have made with the shirt mystery 3 pack and other BOC’s that I have been lucky enough to obtain, so I am very excited to see what I end up with! No one in my house drinks alcoholic beverages at the moment, so I can see quite a bit of this being re-gifted. Not quite the same sense of pride and accomplishment as getting through the vestibule for a BOC, but I am feeling a similar note of anticipation. I can’t wait!!!


anyone had a shipment on this yet?

Not I. My guess is they’re waiting to see what “junk” is left over from their current promotions which looks like may be ending today. But I could and probably am completely wrong.

My order says EDD Jan 2, so I’m not expecting it to ship until after Christmas.

Mine also has EDD of Jan 2, states it is still being prepared for shipment, so I am unsure. Maybe they are piling it so full of stuff that it truly will take 3 weeks to prepare for shipment!

Mine has shipped and FedEx shows a delivery date of Friday. So as last night as no delays will update more then.

Just rechecked mine. Same info… delivery scheduled for Friday. Box weighs 9 lbs, with a purchase order number of “BoxofJunk1” Since I popped on 3 of them, here’s to hoping that I don’t get three sets of the same junk!

Well damn. Now mine is coming tomorrow :grimacing:

Mine has shipped and is due to be delivered today.