WD 2TB MyPassport Ultra Hard Drives



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WD 2TB MyPassport Ultra Hard Drives
Price: $69.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Tuesday, Oct 13 to Friday, Oct 16) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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NewEgg Reviews


4.8 Stars over at Best Buy


As you can also see it is $80.99 with free shipping for a new one. So you are saving $6 after shipping for a refurbished???


NEW $80.99 with Prime on Amazon


Can these be dismantled and the discs inside used as internal hard drives?


I can’t speak to the quality of the refurbs, but I’ve owned one of these drives for the better part of two years now, and it’s been running just fine.


No, the USB interface is on the drive board, see this teardown video.



I bought a 500 GB WD My Passport Ultra drive a little over a year ago. I attached the drive to my router for network storage and it worked well for a while.

However, last week the HDD inside failed. I attempted to dismantle the drive and hook up the drive to my desktop, but the USB contoller is built into the hard drive board so there is no other way to access the internal drive.

The drive was only a year old and rarely moved so I don’t see a good reason for the failure. Instead of trusting a replacement My Passport Ultra, I bought a Seagate external drive instead.


6 dollar savings on a refurb, mhm, scorcher.


Yes and that $6 buys you a new one with a three-year warranty, too. Pretty stout for a portable, IMHO.

C’mon, Woot! Is this the best you can do… on a “Sellout!”?


The seagate version of this can be torn apart and used in another setting. In my case, I have one in my ps4.

Pass on this.


Yes, plus you get a 3-year warranty instead of six months. Sometimes Woot deals aren’t that good. I’d much rather have the new one for $6 more.

Item on Amazon


Don’t forget, you’re saving $6 on a quasi-floppy-disk. Western Digital drives have a high failure rate.

It’s like buying a wall safe that is open without a lock to the room next door… safe, for a while at least.


Sellout is something woot is very familiar with.


Yeah, I would never trade a three-year warranty for a six-month warranty for six bucks. It’s not so much I expect the use the warranty – in three years I probably do not want to waste the physical space on a puny little [#TB] compared to the ones available three years from now. But it does give some indication as to how reliable the manufacturer thinks the drive is.

As for choosing a particular brand, anecdotal evidence sucks. It only states the reliability of one single drive. My last [brand] lasted two years, no problem man. Same argument for Newegg and Amazon reviews.

Better information comes from companies that have an installed base of tens of thousands of hard drives of different manufacturers and are willing to share their reliability data. Such as: