WD 500GB Ultra Slim (5mm) Hybrid SATA HD with 8GB SSD

Is the comparable w Apple computers?

If this is like the 1tb model I purchased from woot last year, you have to initiate the drive under Win 7 to get it to even access the the large drive, 1tb in my case, 500gb for this one.

It depends on the model of Apple product. I would check with other world computing to see if your Mac can be upgraded - if it is older than 2013, then it should be upgradeable.

However, I’d recommend (based on personal experience) that you look at the seagate 1tb firecuda SSHD from newegg. A few bucks more, brand new, free shipping, and double the size. I have the 2TB version of the firecuda SSHD in my macbook pro, macbook, and PS4 - no issues.