WD Hard Drive Question


Can anyone help? I bought one of western digital hard drives. I installed it myself but I thought windows would recognize it automatically. I went to the hardware configuration and it does display two drives but only one shows up as drive C. How do I make it recognize the new drive and give in a designation?


This was moved because specific item issues do not belong in World of Woot. You my have some luck here. Better yet, post to the item thread, where others are familiar w/ the drive.

This drive has been sold several times in the past. Use the search feature to find the older, ongoing threads and you might find the answers you seek. Good Luck.


Disclaimer: I’m not an IT guy. Didn’t buy this drive. Haven’t bought a new drive in years. I’m kinda old and stupid, too. But here’s my suggestion:

A lot of the (old) drives I have seen have jumpers on the back end (same end as the cable), to designate whether it’s a Master, Slave, or on some kind of auto-config setting. If both of your drives are configured as “Masters,” and they’re on the same IDE cable, they will compete to be the Master, and only one will win. If this is the case, then you may need to change the jumper to designate one drive as the Slave. A nice drive will have a little diagram or label so it’s not so hard to figure out where the jumper goes.

I remember reading about someone complaining that the “Master/Slave” terminology was very un-PC, so the terminology may have been changed. I’m so far out of it, I don’t know.

Some final words: Read the manual! And remember: Anything free comes with no guarantee!

edit: Check out this link: http://www.ehow.com/how_6031_change-master/slave-designation.html


Depends on the context in which it is being used. :wink:


Well, it took a few minutes of thinking, but I have an answer for you (and it’s fairly easy). The drive has come to you in a raw state (as all hard drives do). Before the drive will show up with a letter in Windows, it must first be partitioned and formatted. If you don’t understand my instructions, just google those two terms and you are sure to find tons of other sourced to help. All you need to do is (in Windows 2000 or XP), right click My Computer, and choose “Manage”. From there, you will see two panes, in the left hand one choose “Disk Management”, you will then see a list of all the drives attatched to the compter. Find the one for your new drive and right click it. There should be some kind of option to make a new partition (sorry I’m getting so vague, once the drive has been partitioned, that option goes away, so I can’t see it on my computer right now), choose it and go through the wizzard (If you want, you can make one big partition that covers the entire drive, or you can even use a smaller parition and have multiple drive letters for organization, if it asks about making the partition active, say yes). After that is done, right click the drive again and select “Format” and you should get another Wizzard. There will be some option if either a FAT or NTFS partition, for Windows XP and 2000, NTFS is the best option, before that, you must use FAT becuase NTFS isn’t supported. After all that is done, you are ready to go. If you are using a version of Windows Prior to 2000, just google “partitioning” and “formatting” hard drives, and you should get some help (or drop me a message, I know how to do that too)