WD My Book External USB 3.0 Hard Drives

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WD My Book External USB 3.0 Hard Drives
Price: $74.99 - 160.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Wednesday, Aug 31 to Monday, Sep 05) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Purchased one of these previously, although it was a network attached version. I was a bit concerned about it being refurbished but it’s still going strong 7 months later.

Why do we have to put one in our Cart to see the price? That’s very chicken and not becoming to Woot. How about a list of capacities with the price beside each size…can’t be that hard???

Hmmmm… when I choose the capacity of the hard drive in the drop-down box, the price above it changes appropriately without the need to add to the cart. This is on a Windows PC, so if you happen to be viewing from a tablet or phone or a Mac, maybe it’s different?

Looked at it on my android phone and the price shows when I select one. Not sure what issue they’re having.

How convenient, Woot! I just had a 500gb drive crash from a power spike a few days ago… What do you know of this?! Hmm?

Brand new its $200


So its not too much of a savings but its still a bit.

Does anyone know about the included back up software. Last storage device that I bought came with a trial version of software. If it’s only a trial, it shouldn’t count as “included”.

Can this be used with Xbox one?

anybody know what type of drive is inside? WD Red? WD Green?

It’s the same when viewing it on my Mac, so that’s apparently not it.

Better off with the RAID version of this product. What good is a backup when the drive fails?

I bought 2 for $166 less than a week ago on amazon, no shipping and no tax, can’t believe they are selling refurbs for the same price as new, get with it woot.

I was looking that up, and there’s apparently an assortment of (Caviar) Greens and Blues.

RAID versions are accintentionally crippled so you can’t put larger drives in. Single-drive enclosures usually aren’t.

They tend to put greens in, one wonders if that’s the refurbished part. For a single drive enclosure – just get a toaster-type one and a decent drive to go with it.

Yes, it can. I have the 4 terabyte HDD and it works great. Just plug it in and the Xbox One will recognize it right away. Just follow the on screen prompts to set it up.

The brand new 6Tb model is $13 more at Amazon. How is this a deal? Woot is sinking fast IMHO.

To clarify: $18 more, but $5 shipping, for the 6TB than the $160.99 today

The best bargain is the 3TB, I think: $74.99 +$5 shipping vs. $106.80

Yeah I was thinking XBox One drive…in that case I’m not super concerned about what “refurbished” means, so long as there’s a decent chance it’ll go a year or two. If it fails I might be out the cost of the drive but the data can all be reinstalled.

I bought 4 of these a year ago and later popped them open to find all Reds - nice surprise, but not sure that’s still the case