WD My Book Studio 2TB USB 3.0 HD

I wanted to add a comment of caution but it looks like I am too late as these metal WD units have sold out.

I bought one when it was on sale before. I didnt really need to use it much… I picked it up by the bottom. OUCH! I drew blood. WTF?

The metal cutout logo had developed one tiny pin! I guess it was like a diabetic blood draw (I am not diabetic so am not 100% sure what that is really like) the bleed stopped almost immediately but it could have been worse (I guess)!

I did contact WD Corp and the guy I spoke with was a bit shocked about me getting one of these ancient things??? told me to trash it and is sending me a new unit. Honestly it has been a bit of a mess getting ahold of this guy (wrong email addy (he says he never got the one I sent but I didnt get one of those error return things)!

I do hope that no one has the same issue and that woot has finished their stock/will not sell them any more.