WD My Cloud 2TB Personal Cloud NAS

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The idea of the automatic back up is great but isn’t one of the main draws to an online backup service the fact that it’s not physically in the same place as the info it’s backing up? If your house burns down, so do your computers & this hard drive…

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True. Important documents are on dropbox, and all my photos on Glacier ($3.50/mo for 350GB). This works well enough though if you want to access files you have at home (if you don’t know how to set up your router for vpn), and… bonus… it does work as a TimeMachine disk over wifi.

Not sure I’d risk a rehashed harddrive though. Scary.

AAAHHH! Can we please kill the term “Personal Cloud”? Nothing was wrong with “NAS”!

Granted, this would not protect you against a burn-down, but what I use a local “Cloud” for is for insurance against a crash. This would give you the quickest way to be back up and running. I have always had one of these in addition to any Cloud service…

One thing I like about this is that you can piggyback another drive on it and quickly add to the capacity. This gives it the status of an expandable NAS for a fraction of what they usually cost.

OK. Newegg just sent me a link yestrday, for a 4 TB Red HDD, for $150.

Looks like 1/2 the price for a drive that I can store here, in my house. (Or, twice the storage for the same price.)

I’ve ALWAYS had good luck with WD RED drives, including the 4 TB one they sent me for free! Black drives have a better warranty, but free trumps that. Green drives, not so much!

Had a WD external drive die on me, just before the warranty died, but since the info was more important than the warranty, I pulled it open, to see if I could hook the drive up, (yes, it was a green drive) and recover my info. Didn’t get a thing! But that free 4 TB WD Red is now in that external case, and working fine. No, I don’t leave it powered, I power it up when I need it, just like the 3 other Green drives I have. Some drives are supposed to run 24/7, some (Green drives) aren’t.


The whole idea of something like this is to put it somewhere else. Keep it at work to backup your home computer or at at home to backup your work computer. Or in my case (the reason I’m looking into it) a third location, so I can backup both my home and work computers to it.

I got this drive new and I highly recommend it. It’s easy for me since I go between a macbook to PC tower to even PS3. They all pick up on the drive.

A refurb drive does seem scary. But might be ok if its main task isnt for storing data. I’d used it just to move it from different devices.

But please note the universal rule of Hard drives. Always have more than one backed up.

I think the reason it’s called a “Personal Cloud” is because everyone and their grandmother is talking about “Cloud” these days, while comparatively very few people use the term “NAS” in regular conversation.

Now as to whether one is a better description for this drive, that is open to discussion.

Why do they not mention the Windows Phone WD2Go app?

I have this drive, it is connected to my Linksys E3000 gigabit router and serves as the backup for my desktop computer (Windows 8.1). I have Windows File History using the MyCloud to store all my documents, photos, music, video, etc. I can then access everything remotely. My Android phone has the MyCloud app, as does my laptop. When I travel, it is no problem to connect to the MyCloud to access files, don’t have to fiddle with settings, it just works seamlessly and becomes like just a folder on the remote computer.

I’ve had TWO WD hard drives. BOTH of them went bad almost immediately after the warranty expired. Help received from WD to recover data? ZERO, they wouldn’t even have the courtesy of answering my emails detailing what happened and asking for help. I’ll NEVER buy a WD device again I don’t care what price it is.

The term “Cloud” is totally incorrect. “Cloud” means it’s access is through a public network. “NAS” is for local (LAN) or even (WAN) private networks.

Having worked “in the cloud” for sometime…it’s not about how things are accessed that makes them cloud or not, it’s how they are stored.
If it’s on a server, or series of them, and not your local machine - it can be considered stored in a Cloud.
This can be blurred if you’re running a virtual server on your local machine…but most treat those servers as environments separate from the local environment which was used to create it. In any case - this does qualify as Cloud Storage as much as it does buzzword marketing.

I’m not familiar with WDs, but I picked up a 3TB Seagate Central a couple of months ago for $120 (big sale at BB) and so far so good. Until I got it my entire backup plan was to periodically panic and remember to attach an external hard drive to my laptop. Backing it up that way took hours. This seems almost instant. I’m not enough of a techie to understand the why of it, but I’m happy with it so far.

Yes, this exactly. Even if it is in my house with my other machines it is still better to have a scheduled backup rather than the panic-induced manual one.

It’s Friday and our buyer is in a FANTASTIC mood. He’s dancing around like a ballerina in a tutu. Not a pretty sight, let me tell you. :meh:

Anyway, he’s decided to lower the price on this cloudy baby to $119.99. Seriously!!?? Who does this? We do!

Small print: You know the drill. If you already purchased, you’ll see that money fly back into your pocket soonish.

Be careful putting on your ‘important documents’ on dropbox. It is not secure. They never claim it to be.

From their website: https://www.dropbox.com/help/27/en

“…we have a small number of employees who must be able to access user data for the reasons stated in our privacy policy”