WD My Cloud 4TB Personal Cloud NAS

The main page for these is showing Sold Out. But none of the four individual sales is showing Sold Out.

I know… Someone missed something when they were setting up the sale. I’ve called the team to get it fixed. Thanks for pointing out the problem though! You’re a real friend!

Can you connect more then one of these to a network? No matter how big you get, you will need more.

I don’t know of any reason why it wouldn’t work to connect multiples of these units to your network. Each NAS has a network adapter with a unique MAC address, so the router shouldn’t have any issue with identifying one or many (up to the amount that the router can handle, at least).

Dammit… if only this had been tomorrow… broke today, paid tomorrow - isn’t that always the way?

I’ve had two older WD NAS models (MyBookLive & a MBLDuo) on my network for several years with no problem.

If you connect a 2nd one, I suggest giving the first one a different name other than the generic one prior to connecting the 2nd one, at least if you have more than one of the same model.

I mistakenly thought this could use the Plex app. Wrong! Major bummer.