WD My Net N750 HD Dual Band Router Wireless

Dumb question - does a N750 have a stronger signal/longer range than a N300?

Do you mean the Belkin N300? I couldn’t find a Western Digital N300.

According to this: https://versus.com/en/belkin-n300-vs-western-digital-n750

the biggest difference I can see is that the N750 has dual-bands, which is a BIG deal. I really can’t speak on the signal strength, but consider the WD My Net Wi-Fi Range Extender that’s also a part of the sale as it’s designed to “extend” an existing signal.

There’s an analogy that goes something like this: Think of a router without dual-bands* as a single-lane road.

(*I’m unsure if the technical name would be single-band?)

Think of your dual-band router as a two-lane road.

Now, if you got a slow wireless device on your network or one that hogs a lot of bandwidth (say a TV streaming HD content or an older printer) that’s the semi-truck on your lane. It can only go so fast, and all the traffic behind it will slow down because of it. Now, with dual bands, you can circumvent that by having all the other traffic simply use the other lane.

Also, for all you geeks reading this to double-check me: I think these routers support OpenWRT. That’s exciting isn’t it?