WD My Passport Ultra 2TB USB 3.0 HDs

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Received two units Sunday, Each was packaged in its own Box w foam lining from WD and stated it was refurbished So far I have attached it to a USB3 port on my ASUS MB (CLONE) and mounted it and then began to backup my Video library which is over 1000 movies from the WD TV LIVE box in another part of the house, using the CAT 5e cables network Its been running for about 18 hours straight with about another 12 hours to go to completion The total file’s backing up are over a 1 TB of data The performance so far of this “WD My Passport” has matched my expectations
I ran PassMarks Disk Checkup free tool and the report was positive on the drive SO as the man falling of the building said " So far so good"
PS: the slowness is as a result of the WD TvLIve box its only a USB 2.0 spec data transfer and the data transmit rate over the network has been at 6.74 MB a sec for the durration of the backup so far.

A crushing realization about these units…
NOTE to you computer GEEKS out there, its common practice for GEEKS to use these external USB 2/3 HDD enclosures to get a cheaper SATA HDD instead of buying a same size SATA HDD that is in a retail box; to do this we open up the box and remove the HDD. This Unit has a USB3.0 connector on the logic board. Not the SATA connector.
See this video for information on this subject. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DBenRlPzb_s

Hope this helps in some way.

The continuing story … After the initial copy of the Video files from the WDTV box’s storage to this drive was done. I unpacked the #2 unit and attached it to the back of the ASUS clone computer and copied the folder from source to destination. The data rate for transfer across the USB3 ports was about 60 MB a sec. And so far its working. These drives do not get hot but rather almost warm.
One thing to note is that if you have two or more of these attached to one computer via USB ports, you should change the HDD Volume’s name. As they all have the same Volume Name. This will solve some human confusion, I also recommend that you label each Drive with its Volume name and Serial Number for future reference and keep the WD box’s that they were shipped in in case you need to return them for warranty.