WD My Passport Ultra Metal Edition

What are the advantages to having a factory reconditioned hard drive? What are the risks of having a factory recondiioned hard drive? Is it possible to have a nasty virus or malware included with the purchase?

Yesterday I bought a new (not reconditioned) 2TB Ultra in Silver for $6 more. Not sure this is a good deal for a reconditioned drive.

Advantages: Over a new drive? It’s ~$10-20 cheaper than the same item at the mothership, give or take a bit for tax/shipping.

Risks: Warranty period is probably reduced compared to a new drive.

As to whether the presence of a virus/malware is possible: Absolutely! It’s also possible that meteorite is headed for the ground near your home right now, and a passing vehicle is going to startle a deer, which will then be on the move when the meteorite hits, and as a result of it’s movement and the force of the meteorite’s impact, it’ll be flung through one of your windows and into your bathtub. Feel free to worry about either or both of the scenarios, or not.

After you stop laughing at what Belker said, there is some reality to what you think. Just for example, this happened to ibm. Some companies won’t even let you plug a usb drive into your PC much less an external drive. SO, goes without saying. Take your chances. Deer or Malware.

You guys do realize that this is the ULTRA METAL edition, right!? Admin - can you please clarify: Will this come pre-loaded with tunes from http://www.ultra-metal.com ?

Oh Man… you had my hopes up to relieve some Head Bangers Ball moments. But looking at WD’s webpage, we may be disapointed.