WD My Passport X USB 3.0 Portable HDs

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WD My Passport X USB 3.0 Portable HDs
Price: $79.99 - 99.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 Business Days. (Tuesday, Sep 05 to Friday, Sep 08) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Rather buy them new from Amazon for a few bucks more with their warranty !!

Can anyone tell me why this is labeled as a gaming drive? What makes it different? Could it not work as an external drive for backups/extra storage for a laptop?

I wonder why the emphasis on XBox One, especially with the disclaimer about Microsoft not endorsing this product. With the latest firmware, the PS4 also allows for game storage on external USB drives like this one.

@msawyer13: This is a standard USB 3 drive, so you can use it as a backup or data drive on a PC/Mac.

Just had my My Passport Ultra 2tb hard drive crap out on me. Can’t figure out why it’s having issues, no drops, nothing. It’s 2 years old at this point, but I’m pretty unhappy about that. Looking at $300-450 if I go to a data recovery company. If I get another one, I’m going to make sure it’s shock and water proof, just in case that was the issue. Ugh, gotta have a backup for your backup.

i do like how much Xbox One use is stressed, then the disclaimer that the 3tb model is not compatible with Xbox One.

I have one of these, but I use it with my (Windoze) laptop. Depending on the “refurbishing”, you might have to reformat it, but it’s very easy: it’s like 4 clicks, and wait a minute or 2 for it to finish.

It’s surprisingly fast (I get like 70-80 MBps on my slow old i3 laptop). It’s also surprisingly dense: it’s smaller than a typical add-on case for a 2-1/2" drive, nearly square, but about twice as heavy as I expected.

It gets its power from the USB, so that’s really convenient: it’s no more complicated than a flash drive, just it holds more and writes faster.

There’s no obvious way to open it, so I haven’t, but there seems to be some shock absorbing going on.

P.S. To anyone complaining about a drive going bad: they do that. Even non-Seagate, sometimes. You should never have anything important stored in only 1 place. If you’re getting this as a backup, great. If you’re getting it as storage, get 2 (1 for storage, 1 for backup). A second drive is so much cheaper than data recovery, and sooner or later every drive goes bad.

The 3TB is not compatible with the Xbox 360 due to the size of the drive.

Both the 2TB and 3TB are compatible with the Xbox One.

I was actually in the market for a 3TB USB drive, but will probably opt to pay the extra $5 to get one with a 3-year warranty from A>Z instead of the 6-month one here.

Am I missing something? The mother ship has the 3TB for $5 cheaper AND NEW, not refurb…

I had an issue with the same unit a couple months back. If you’re familiar with Linux, there’s an excellent recovery app that fixed mine.

I can get “WD Easystore” drives from best buy, $65 for 2TB and $99 for 4TB new. What’s so special about these?

Details plz?!? Don’t currently have a dead USB drive, but if there’s a free/cheap utility I don’t know about for recovering data, I’d love to hear about it! :slight_smile: