WD MyBook Live Duo 6TB Personal NAS

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WD MyBook Live Duo 6TB Personal NAS
Price: $199.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Will this also work as a speaker? Cause it looks a little like a speaker to me.

Is 6TB the max or can it be upgraded. I’m in the market for a NAS device, how is this model compared to some others like Qnap, etc. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

Does it come with the storage drives?

yes 6TB capacity

Synology. Really that’s all you need to know.

Terrific NAS. You can pick up last year’s model for ~$150 - 300 (depending on capacity) and it’s got all the features you might want in a NAS.

Even my 5-year-old model still receives regular software (and security!) updates from the manufacturer.

My Synology NAS is among the best tech-toys I’ve ever purchased, and offers way more features than this.

On the other hand, if you just need a place to store 3- to 6-TB of cat videos, this would do the job.

I have one of these at home. It is one of the worst computer devices I have ever purchased. with transfer speeds in the kilobits and indexing software that maxes out the operating system all the time, it is nearly useless.

Yes, it comes with 6TB included.

This isn’t telling me 2x3TB in Raid 0, or 2x6gb in raid 1.

Although at this price point, I can draw conclusions :slight_smile:

Ok, I have 2 WDMyclouds 4tb each. About as Plug-n-Play as you can get. I got one here on woot for sub 130.00 about 2 years ago, the other is over 4 years old. My first offical “NAS” device was a WDMycloud.

These devices are picked up by roku’ and Smarts tv’s and with WD’s cloud app, your phone will have access at home or away. Nice little device that has many uses and features if you use them. I was looking at the 8 bay Synology system but waiting till 10tb drives clear the sub $300 each mark LOL. Wanting to replace my Netgear NAS104 that has 4x 3tb drives. Pick ones poison.

I’ve thought about getting a NAS for year, but have mostly just been using hard drives plugged into my router.

For the avg, non-power user, what features does Synology offer over something like this?

They’re all limited to whatever drive size they come with. In this case: 3TB. You can use smaller drives but not larger ones. If you want upgradeable look for something like already mentioned synology.

My first NAS was Ximeda, one that look like external USB case. It only supports IDE drives which still works fine. I have a couple of WD Mybook NAS, WD Personal Cloud NAS, WD Mycloud EX4, and a couple of QNAP NAS. I also own a couple of D-link NAS. In most of my NAS, I use WD drives. It could be cheap green drive or red NAS drives. WD hard drive never fails me. I even have 250mb WD Cavalier from some 30 years ago… I had bad lucks with other, such as Toshiba, Segate, and Maxtor… Some of them failed within a few month/few years of use.
I’ve been trusting all my data with WD drives, and they have NOT disappoint me yet.

SyncThing runs on (some of) them.

Oh there: I answered my own question…

Not being a computer geek, how is this different than a 6TB external hard drive?

Thank you very much. I almost pushed the Want button. Will be looking for a synology

I’m not sure of exactly what you’re asking, but many external drives are USB, and they are only accessible from the PC to which they’re attached (unless that PC shares them). This is a stand-alone unit that connects directly to your network, so it in many ways acts like a file server, accessible by most devices on your network.

I hope that answers your question.

Can you install a Plex server on this?