WD MyCloud Network Attached Storage

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WD MyCloud Network Attached Storage
Price: $79.99 - 199.99
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I am interested in the 4TB unit but would like to know if these are single or two drive units - the write up does not say. And can these be set up as Raid-0 or Raid-1, or are these simply one big drive?

According to the mother ship, this unit is NOT RAID capable, and appears to be a single hard drive, but not sure. Seems like it would say multiple bay if it was.

I don’t know about the RAID question, but I have the 3TB MyCloud and it’s a single drive, if that helps.

I have the 3T version and have to say it does work well. I have two kids who live away and each can access their own folders on the drive but not each others. We share a common folder for family albums, videos etc. You can also view your stuff on a smartphone anytime, anywhere. I like it.

After doing some quick research, the MyCloud devices are single drive, the MyCloud Mirror and MyCloud EX2 devices are two drives and at least RAID-1 compatible. Didn’t dig into whether they have other modes, just noticed in the description that it “saves your files twice” which would indicate RAID-1 capability.

For these units you’d need 2 if you want any kind of mirroring/redundancy.

You’re mostly correct on that, but a couple things worth noting:

  1. RAID-0 has no redundancy. RAID-0 is just a collection of drives acting as one. If you lose a single drive from a RAID-0 array, you lose everything.
  2. Mirroring is at RAID-1 (two identical drives, being read from and written to simultaneously with the same data)
  3. There is a USB port on this MyCloud, and it runs Linux. Someone could theoretically attach another external drive there and do some sort of software RAID or a poor man’s “backup the backup” if they wanted.

Different topic but I hope Woot will answer it anyway. Are you ever going to accept Amazon gift cards? I’ve got one burning a hole in my pocket but can’t use it to buy this drive.

Looks like a pretty detailed review at SmallNetBuilder: WD My Cloud Reviewed - SmallNetBuilder

Unfortunately, we’re not set up to accept gift cards.

This is not Windows 10 compatible?

Does anyone know if it’s possible to replace/upgrade the drive down the road?

Does anyone see the specific model numbers associated with these drives? I’m not seeing them. Thanks

Wasn’t WD caught letting the the gov’t. install/pre-load spyware on their HDDs?

I have a new Lenovo laptop with Windows 10. I have not installed any WD software on it yet but the MyCloud device is fully accessible using windows explorer. It shows up as a network drive. So I would say it is compatible.

Would this be good as a backup drive? Create a backup of a computer on this and use it if anything should happen to the system. Or is there a reason this wouldn’t work well for that?

Is this model compatible with Plex’s NAS software?

These are the MyClouds; they are single drive NAS systems. For redundancy/striping, you’ll want to point your sights on the MyCloud Mirror, or the more powerful EXT2 and EXT4 series (which also come at higher prices).

It’s Network Attached Storage, which is like a personal cloud for your home network. Think of it like a hard drive for anything on your WiFi/ethernet connection. It works with protocols like DLNA and PnP - independent of operating systems, however, the official app is only released on certain platforms.

I don’t see why it wouldn’t work with your W10 machine.