WD MyCloud Network Attached Storage

I have, and love my 4TB WD Mycloud. Bought it with a Macbook pro for network TimeMachine backups. Couldn’t be happier. Just remember it’s a single drive, so if it fails all your data is gone. You can attach a USB drive to it and create a “safepoint” backup of your MyCloud data.


W 10 isn’t mentioned in the specs (probably because the specs predate 10).

I’m new to this idea… can one of these be set up to work with PC and Mac at the same time?

Today, I got the 3TB version, brand new, for $58.71 at Sam’s Club (brick and mortar). At samsclub.com it shows it as $169.

What’s the deal? What size storage for what price?

Hi there. Choose the size you want from the drop down and the price will be displayed.