WD MyCloud Network Attached Storage

For the 6TB version, is it a red WD disk?

It looks like the only difference between the white and black models is the ability for RAID or mirroring. Am I missing something else?

I have the 4tb version. Works like charm. If someone who doesn’t know much about networking, wants to access your stored content without jumping through 3 or 4 hoops to get to it, this is pretty much plug and play. Roku’s see it, smart TV’s see it. Never had issues with buffering. This is the primary media streamer in the house for movies and music. It’s also the cloud box for my kids. Beats paying for cloud storage and I can upload stuff to their shares anytime I want. It’s just having a Family Cloud in your own home. I also have a netgear NAS104 w/16tb as my backup device, backup media server etc. I don’t use it for cloud access for security reasons (keep it on the internal network only) Been looking at adding another NAS box to offload all the OTA tv I’ve been recording in HD and bank it for when I get rid of cable. Though WOOT is selling a 2 bay box, I have a netgear like this one and it works great. For a entry level NAS box, this would be a starter. Just have to decide what drives you want to plant. http://www.amazon.com/Cloud-EX4-Diskless-High-performance-reliability/dp/B00G4JZ2T0/ref=sr_1_8?ie=UTF8&qid=1448025191&sr=8-8&keywords=WD+Mycloud

The white one has USB3 while the black one only contains USB2.

Bought this one last time. Did not come with any instructions so you will need to google for the manual. Not a big deal but just FYI.

Does anyone know the model number for the white one? I’m trying to figure out if it’s compatible with Plex: https://forums.plex.tv/discussion/163184/western-digital-nas-supported-models/

edit: Never mind. I don’t think this one is supported.

I also bought the 4TB version last time. It works well but takes quite a bit of configuration to get it to work right. I ended up e-mailing WD tech support multiple times, (which was very responsive to my questions)

The main configuration you need is to make it a static IP address in both the NAS and on your router. If you don’t, the NAS seems to drop offline a lot using standard DHCP allocations from the router.

I also ended up upgrading my router to a Gigabit port model with WIFI AC capabilities. I can transfer data at about 36Mbytes per second using WIFI AC.

Forget about loading large files using WIFI with this thing. It’s better to just attach a cable directly to the NAS and transferring them that way using the 1Gigabit port on your router. You can connect your computer directly to the NAS using a standard CAT cable.

You can attach a USB 3 drive as an extension to the storage and it works very well. For instance, I attached 750GB’s of FLAC files to the USB port and it performs very well through the NAS.

You cannot access the NAS direclty via the USB port.

I hope this helps. Overall it works very well and mine seemed to be brand new when I received it.

The software is very easy to use and configure once you get it set up properly.

Thanks for this. I was thinking the USB allowed for it to be attached to a PC as an external drive. Then I could record directly to it via my HTPC. But I guess not.

Does anyone know if it work with the Xbox One?

I’ve got on 2tb and one 6tb WD mycloud drives. I really like the hardware, but keeping both of them going at the same time on the same network is a royal pain. The software is annoying and unreliable. One drive will disappear, or mysteriously it will start asking for a password even if one was never initiated, or I’ll see both drives from one computer but not from the other. I tried doing a iPhoto library backup to the drive from my mac and after a few minutes the transfer rate dropped to about a half a megabyte per second and it was calculating a total transfer time of something like 500 hours. That is with a fast 10/100 network, not gigabit. So I’ve given up for now trying to use it for big files or backups and pretty much just stick stuff on them I want to access from the mobile apps or remotely from my laptop while traveling. I got nowhere trying to upgrade the firmware (long story). I had hoped I’d just see this as a normal drive on each computer, but all the gobbletygook software junk (dashboard and other annoying stuff) is a real pain. I’m sure people with more patience, newer equipment, more time, and faster routers can get better results, but this wasn’t the panacea for me. I’m still hoping someday to get it all to behave and be set up to be more reliable without mysterious random demands for non-existing passwords and other annoyances .

I bought one of these from Woot (3TB), it came in a plain brown box and did NOT include any instructions, etc!

Is this 7200 RPM like the normal MyBook?(white)

It doesn’t work that way unfortunately, but if you have a Gigabit LAN adapter on your PC, you can attach it directly to NAS that way and still get very fast transfer speed.