WD MyCloud Network Attached Storage

Are these single or dual drive devices?

Do these have an on and off switch?

Single drive. It’s a Western Digital red drive designed to run full time but.the user interface lets you set it to sleep when not in use.

The description says the USB port is for expansion, does that mean that the files cannot be accessed through it? I am looking for additional storage for my Xbox one…

No. Like any cloud storage this device is designed to give you access to your files any time, anywhere you happen to be (with Internet access). An off switch would defeat that purpose. The drive can be set to sleep when not in use so it uses very little power (like setting your computer to ‘sleep’).

It said avalable in 5tb size; is this correct?

I just upgraded to Windows 10. Did not see that as a supported operating system. Does this product work with Windows 10?


5TB is not listed on the WD website. May be worth an email to woot.

Yes. I have windows 10.

I just wanted to say: lol WOOT SUCKS!! lol

I just bought one of these and could have saved thirty bucks buying a refurb here. No kidding, I have only installed it a couple of days ago.

This is the second time this has happened to me.

Meh, Some days you get the horns.
I’ve already gotten over it. LOL

Yes, just select “5TB” in the drop-down below the price range.

When the hard drive fails (2 years down the road?), is it replaceable with any other HDD or is it like melted into it…

I put this in my cart and was going to order as it seemed like a good price (although it is a refurb). However, nearly $11 was added in shipping and sales tax. It no longer is a good price IMO for a refurb.

I find myself purchasing more from the mothership (amaz) and less from woot these days. Woot always charges sales tax, the mothership not always. I have prime shipping and get my items in 2-3 days. My last order from woot (a freedompop phone) took nearly 3 weeks to arrive and the tracking on it disappeared.

I guess I will just remove this from my cart and wait for a better deal via the mothership or elsewhere.

It states it has a WD red drive in it. I assume it is replaceable.


So is this, like, some kind of external drive that you can back files up to?

And do you, like plug it in or something?

I have one of these. Very unreliable. Constantly drops from network. You have to connect via secure shell to manually disable some of the services and then will stay connected longer. YMMV.

So I just got mine today and it came with a multi power adapter that you can switch out for other countries however it didn’t include one for the US…

Waiting to hear back from customer service.

Sorry about that. We won’t have the part to replace it so it would mean returning it.

It has a WD warranty. Have you contacted them for the part?

No I haven’t, where would be the best place to contact them?
Also, is it possible to get a replacement?

I have the exact same issue with mine, very disappointed…

Found an adapter to get the unit to power on (since mine was shipped with only NON USA adapters) Got it powered on but can only get a yellow blinking light on the front. Quick google search reveals I have received a DOA unit. Will need to return. What a waste of time