WD MyCloud Network Attached Storage

Uh, chaps? I don’t think this is sold out yet…

Been using one of these for awhile. Actually downloading some backed up files from it right now. Highly recommended. They have a smartphone app that will allow you to automatically backup photos and video whenever you are connected via wifi.

No, just a weird issue with the front page. Workin’ on it!

Don’t count on me to help. I found tequila joy!

No mention of storage is that separate?

Don’t eat the worm. :slight_smile:

I literally placed an order for the My Cloud 4TB model about three hours ago on Amazon and I was bumbed the 6TB wasn’t within my budget. I’m cancelling that order and upgrading to the 6TB version here on Woot for a modest increase in price. Thanks Woot!

Bought the 3TB version if this (new) a few weeks ago. For the price, it’s a seemingly decent device. It runs Linux and allows you to enable SSH via the Web UI.

the share management functionality is pretty limited, wish it was a little more robust, but given the price and target market it works decently.

The samba/cifs performance is not stellar, though; but decent for the price.

The best part about this device is that you can plug a USB3 hub into it and add 7 (?) additional drives. I currently have 2 external drives connected to it (via a powered usb3 hub and it works very well.)

Also, it does support NFS (but no option in the UI to modify share configuration, must be done via CLI).

why are these saying sold out on the main page when they’re not?

Damn! But they sold out quick.

Just a glitch on the main page…

Click on the device and you can still order them once you get past the lying gate keeper or until they really sell out…

The fact that people are confused that an item indicates it is Sold Out at 5am is a commentary on how much Woot has changed over the past 5 years.

That used to be a pretty regular occurrence.

Bought one of these (3TB version) last time they were on this site. Showed up without the USA power adapter and then after I bought one of those the unit was DOA. Also doesn’t get good reviews with people who use AT&T internet.

Not sure I want to try again.

I’m about to go Google this, but do they have packages of apps to run? And is there enough CPU to run apps-- specifically interested in postgreSQL and Plex server.

Does this come with mycloud3 software/firmware installed?- in response to complaints on performance…“I have had this for over a week and have yet to be able to put a file on it because it is so slow and times out so fast. In theory this product is great but the execution is severely flawed.” the manufacturer said this:
please check for and possibly apply the latest firmware release by visiting this link below, as this can assist in improving your overall experience and performance with the drive.
“How to upgrade a My Cloud device to My Cloud OS 3”: http://support.wdc.com/KnowledgeBase/answer.aspx?ID=13103

Does anyone know?

I’ve purchased a lot of refurbished/reconditioned items over the years, but I’ve never purchased a hard drive that was in any condition other than new. What does it mean for a hard drive to be factory reconditioned? Anyone have a sense for how reliable these are as reconditioned units? I’ve been thinking about buying one of these units new for a few weeks; the ~$30 - $40 savings for these over a new unit looks good, but not if it dies right after the 6 month warranty ends. Thanks!

good point.

The firmware on my 2TB model is v04.04.02-105, it updated just a few days ago, but has been on v04xx for a long while, now. I’ve not had any problem with slowness. I use it as a file history for my Win10 desktop and laptop, as well as some media storage that my Android TV box can access.