WD MyNet N600 2x2 Wireless N Router



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Newegg show this as $99.95, $60.00 more then the Woot list price? Either a really good deal here or a really bad deal on Newegg.


Probably these didn’t sell so well because they are pairing 300Mbps wireless with 100Mbps wired.

OTOH, less than twenty bucks for a great network appliance and service manager with larger-than-average RAM, flash, and USB! OpenWRT and in for three !


Don’t buy one of these. Got one through woot a year ago and it never worked, kept going offline and would have to reboot. Google reviews and you’ll find lots of same issues.


Any confirmation we can flash a new firmware on this. DD-WRT, Open-WRT, Tomato, etc? I’d be in for a couple if so. I’m sick of belkin pos’s.


I’d buy a couple if I could find anything saying that it is supported in dd-wrt. I did find info that openwrt is supported, but I’ve never used it before and know nothing about it.



I can’t understand any manufacturer putting 10/100 ports on an 802.11n router. Even at this low price, just not worth it without gigabit ports.


I picked this up last time around too. All in all it works pretty well, but will every once in a while hit a bad spell where I’ll have to reset it once a day for a week. The wifi will be fine, but it drops the internet connection.


OpenWRT does work on these. I bought this model about a year ago, and recently flashed OpenWRT to it. It seems perfectly fine, but not slick as DD-WRT.


I got this last time on Woot and
I can confirm that OpenWRT installs fine on this router (thanks for the link, I have finally got around to playing with it), wireless works as well (I did not test the n radio though). This is a nice router for experimenting, it seems: USB, serial header, all accessible.

DD-WRT used to be a clone of OpenWRT with a slightly friendlier web interface but ever since he started playing licensing games, I stopped checking.


Is this a simultaneous dual band router? I don’t see that distinction in the description.


In for one… deal is pretty good. I still have a few dd-WRT routers left but this will replace them so I can run OpenWRT exclusively. I don’t care about gig Ports on a wireless router, as the wireless is often the bottleneck, and the only times I run backups or big transfers are at night so the speeds on these local ports are just fine for home use. These make good repeaters/extenders too (easy in OpenWRT).


This is a dual band router that outputs them simultaneously.

“Speed that keeps up with you
With dual-band speeds up to 300 Mbps on both the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands, the My Net N600 delivers fast Wi-Fi speeds for all your connected devices.”



Vulnerabilities -
On the WD My Net N600, N750, N900 and N900C routers, administrative
credentials are stored in plain text and are easily accessible from a
remote location via port 8080…


I got two of the N750 last time around. OpenWRT works great on these devices. I just bought two of the N600.

I don’t have any issues with drops or resets. At least… I didn’t after I installed OpenWRT. WD is getting out of the networking device business. Since mine are working better with OpenWRT than their stock firmware, I believe that the hardware is sound. I also believe that WD won’t be updating their firmware to fix whatever bug makes them flaky.


Would it be reasonable to connect this via wired networking to another router, and just effectively use it as a hub and access point?

I have Verizon Fios, so I have their router that I have to use in order for the program guide on the cable box to work, but I figure if I connect this to a MOCA adapater (ethernet over cable TV wiring) on the opposite side of the house, I can get 4 devices with wired networking there instead of just the one I have now, and WIFI over there that doesn’t suck unlike what I have now that gets poor signal strength on that side due to walls and pipes and the like.


4/5 stars on Amazon. I’m in for one, great price.


I bought one of these a year ago as well. When it worked it was wonderful but after a few months it would constantly drop the Internet.