WD MyNet N600 2x2 Wireless N Router

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WD MyNet N600 2x2 Wireless N Router
Price: $16.99
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Condition: New


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Average reviews (3 out of 5 eggs) over at newegg.com

I’m tempted. I have an N300 that craps out when streaming HD sometimes. And Google Hangouts calls over wifi tend to fizzle out after 20 min or so. I didn’t want to spend too much, but should I spend more to guarantee performance and longevity?

Spend more.
This is likely worse than what you have.
I had one.
They are junk.

Move along nothing to buy here.

I bought one of these off here a while back. It was laggy, would keep disconnecting and the USB port never worked. I went to the WD site and found out the warranty expired in 2013! Stay away…

I’m using OpenWRT on one of these and it has been completely trouble free. I’m in for two more.

I purchased several WD networking items earlier. 2 of 3 were DOA. After hours of trying and speaking with unknowing WD support staff I was told the units were out of warrantee in 2013! Avoid at any price.

I bought one of these last year for $19.00.

It was terrible with dropped signals and needing reset. Only get this if you plan on flashing new firmware. You are better off spending more money if you want somethig that is plug and play.

Stay as far away from these WD routers as you can. Both WiFi and LAN connections, DNS server are constantly hanging, dropping.
You will get some exercise having to go reboot/powercycle it 3-4 times a day though.

Yep, this is confirmed junk. I got one from here last time that arrived bricked/unresponsive, Woot told me to contact WD Tech Support, who haven’t gotten back to me after 10 days. Don’t do this.

I bought a Mynet 750 2x2 router on here the last time they were offered and I couldnt be more pleased with it.I stream Netflix daily on it and it has NEVER once dropped the signal or failed connecting...It works GREAT.Yes,it is true,WD is no longer warranting these,but at $20...give me a break.I updated the firmware from WDs website first thing and have had NO problems.

That’s been my experience, too, so it might be worth it for people to shell out the extra few bucks to get that model, rather than the one that’s for sale here today. It’s still for sale in that Plus router sale further down the Computers main page.

Also, re: people having problems with the warranty – if the sale states there’s a 6-month warranty, then either WD has to honor it (despite what their CS rep said), or Woot needs to make good on it and let you RMA.

I have the 750 and was very pleased with it so I bought the 900 to extend coverage at my house. Have all my movies and music on an external drive via usb. Also connected our printer via usb. Stream all the time with no issues. Can’t comment on this model but respectfully disagree with most comments here. Control capabilities are also great. Good work WD!