WD MyNet N600 2x2 Wireless N Router



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WD MyNet N600 2x2 Wireless N Router
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Am I the only one who thinks it’s strange to have a wireless router that can supposedly handle 300Mbps but only has Ethernet ports that handle 100Mbps? Do gigabit ports really cost that much more?


$10 is pretty darn cheap. Even $15 with shipping. Like almost cheap enough just to buy for a spare kinda thing.


SO…I need something that will get a wifi signal to my fathers bedroom to stream Netflix thru his DVD. Currently the DVD player is not even recognizing the wifi. Can anybody tell me if this will do it? It will be their second TV hooked to their wifi, if this means anything at all.


No, I don’t think you would need a second router. You’re looking for a wireless bridge.


Can this router function as Bridge or Repeater?


Quick search later, it doesn’t do wireless repeating.


Google is not helpful in this case. I couldn’t find much on youtube either, possibly item is rare or new to market.
I am interest to increase the range of current router for wireless wifi ip security cameras that are far from main router and no problem to run the CAT5 wire halfway the way to install this as bridge via Ethernet cable as long as wireless is fine there after. That is if this can be put into bridge mode.


Seems you can install openwrt on it. http://wiki.openwrt.org/toh/wd/n600


This will work as a wireless router with an input from an ethernet cable (Cat 5e etc). To work as a WiFi bridge you would have to get a wireless signal **to **the router, then run cable from there to the devices, not the other way around. I currently run a setup like what you describe. I have ethernet cable run from the wireless rounter in my den to my office where it goes into a 5 port switch, and one of the outputs goes to a different wifi router. This one is used to push the wifi into the backyard and pool area. So far it seems to be working without any trouble, and I can stream etc. as needed. As a bonus, it allows you to set up a ‘guest’ wifi with a simpler password than then primary one if you want to.


Received mine. Works fine. Lucky for me. I registered it at WDC.com, and was told it was not under warranty. Warranty expired in 2013. How is that new? I noticed the package was in a plain box. Just beware…