WD MyNet N900 Central HD Storage Routers

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WD MyNet N900 Central HD Storage Routers
Price: $74.99 - 114.99
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Need support? Check out the support page and check out this “excellent” review over at pcmag.com


Reviews from PCMAG post above (once you click the popup ads out of the way) shows that this router runs hot and drops connections repeatedly which requires reset… that coupled with typical offshore support reading from scripts is a pass for me

I have the N900 (without the storage). Its actually on a shelf collecting dust. When it works, its blazing fast, but I got tired of rebooting it on average once a day to recover from dropped wireless connections.

I wouldn’t recommend this.

I have the version of this router that does not have onboard storage. (But it’s a mynet 900) I use USB drives on it, and it works great. DLNA server built it, it is recognized by pc’s and media devices and streams flawlessly. I’ve had it lock up once or twice, but usually while we’re trying to stream 2 movies at once. It was most likely an issue accessing two files on the usb hard drive, and not a router issue. As far as routing and wifi, it has all the bells and whistles, and has been a very solid performer.

SOOOOO GOOOOD!..that it’s available for less than $60 on Amazon.com…see the poor reviews and you will understand…Shame on you WOOT!

Naw, USB drives don’t care how many files you try to access at once. At worst, it’ll get slower. It’s definitely the router.

Add a 2nd bay and RAID, and you have a sale! This would save me a port (I have a RAID NAS).

I have the WD MyNet N900 with 8 LAN ports and 2 USB ports , 1 for printer server, for NAS (WD MyBookLive 3Tb ). It is junk,just read the reviews. I bought it because I thought 8 LAN ports, built in print server and NAS would make my life so much simpler. I was so wrong.
Reboots itself multiple times per day. Constantly dropping WiFi, can’t access UI to reconnect without rebooting, dropped WAN, have to manually connect the network printer more often than not before you can print or scan anything.
Streaming HiDef over WiFi ? Dream on. Connected to 5G channel, sure as long as you are within about 15 feet line of site with no walls or anything between you and router. Router is on shelf about desk in dining room, and if I’m on couch 15 feet away in living room 5G is hit or miss, if I am upstairs which is 20 feet from router through the floor/ceiling forget about it. Overheating oh yes I have it up on “legs” so it is 3" off the shelve for plenty of airflow and I could fry my eggs for breakfast on it.
The ONLY reason I am still using it is because I have been impatiently waiting for the Almond+ to be released before investing another $100 in another new router.

WD normally offers a warranty of 12 months but has cut it for this device to only 6 months.
Mumble jumble about aggressive sales point speak aside, it says volumes about how confident the manufacturer feels about its quality. Not

Couldn’t agree more.

I bought one (without the storage) and thought it would be great to consolidate 2 devices into one (router and 5 port switch), unfortunately, it required rebooting a couple of times a week. Probably heating issues, since as a test, I placed it directly on top of a register (with A/C on) and the reboots moved out to once a week, but it was still persistent. Steer clear of this one, as the chances of getting a dud seem pretty high.

These routers are junk. I bought the Mynet N900 and would not recommend. The heatsink is a 1"x1" square with shoddy thermal paste. This causes the router to overheat under any ‘stressful load’ (gaming, torrents, even netflix). UI was okay but firmware support wasn’t consistent. I even RMAed one and the replacement suffered the same issues.

WD does not sell these routers anymore. No more firmware updates. I bought a Asus RT-N66U much better. MY N900 is now a door stop.

A bit of an esoteric comment, but there are just some things that shouldn’t be in the same box. Router and HDD is one of those combinations.

It reminds me of the early 90’s TV’s that had a built in VHS player. It never looked right.

The comments here have me intrigued. I am a dabbler. So, if this router’s issue is overheating, and it sounds like it is, at this price, it might be worth it to buy one and then mod it. Anyone have any thoughts on replacing the thermal paste with Arctic’s MX-4 and setting the unit up on a laptop cooler? Also, I would buy this strictly as network storage and wireless access point for my XBox One and Hopper DVRs. I have an ASUS RT-AC66U that will stay as my main router.

Having always been a DLINK or NETGEAR fan, I took a chance and purchased both the non-storage N900 and the MyNet 8 port switch off Amazon as they were priced very nicely.

The 8 port MyNet switch is actually really nice and has some limited, but functional, built in QoS capability that is based on which ports you plug whatever into. For an 8 port GB switch its size and design is quite nice and it works. I did some BW testing comparing it to a 16 port NETGEAR business class switch and it was right on target.

Now toss in the MyNet N900 router - what a turd this thing was. The wifi drops all the time (but seams to happen more so often when you are copying important stuff to any drive connected to its USB ports). The firmware is terrible and you are really limited on what settings you can access and change. And as others have mentioned, it runs hot. So I replace my WNDR3700v0 with a new WNDR3700v4 and the MyNet Router sits in a box waiting for the NETGEAR to fail (last one lasted almost 4 years).

I will just stick to WD HDD’s and leave the wifi networking stuff to the folks that do it well.

I saw this and I honestly couldn’t not post about this router…

Spoiler alert: It will break and is a piece of garbage.

I’ve had this router for 1.5 years and it stopped functioning adequately after 6 months. What do I mean by that? The fan breaks and, since it’s heatsink was idiotically placed on the bottom of the router, the router gets very hot and will eventually sputter out.

Minor gripe you say, just flip the router over? Okay, fine - whatever. The software to manage your storage is obscenely low-tech and poorly thought-out. Good luck getting anything to store on that drive and god-forbid you store anything on that drive that you can’t afford to lose…that drive, once the heatsink/fan goes out, will die. I never stored anything in it for more than a week just to play it safe.

Third gripe: YES, the router has great speed and actually provides a huge range of coverage (in my 3rd floor apartment, I got wi-fi singal all the way down, outside, on the 1st floor - that’s nuts). But that wi-fi doesn’t always remain constantly up. It sputtered out on me numerous times, more than likely because of the heat issue.

It has plenty of LAN ports on the back, so that’s fine, I actually enjoyed the sleek-ish, low-profile matte black look of the thing and got utility out of it but, if I had to pay for it, which I didn’t, I would never buy this router.