WD MyPassport Ultra Portable Hard Drives

Same here - I just bought this same model, not from Woot from another place. Presumably brand new, and I know where Woot is getting their refurbs - from the high volume of defects. Mine arrived mostly DOA - it started up, read the directory and was extremely slow to read, and writes failed Drive self-test failed. Tried on two PCs so I know it’s the drive. Returned for RMA after only 60 minutes. I’ve read earlier there’s a known problem with the USB connection on the drive board itself, maybe the refurbs have it fixed but I won’t chance it again.

Not the same item – this link is for a WD Elements USB 3.0 drive (though it is very similar to the Ultra, also a well-rated item on Amazon and it’s not a bad price). But it’s not the same thing.

2 TB for $69 at Sam’s Club, new.

[MOD EDIT: Link to Sam’s club offer?]

tiger has 2TB black w/ a $20 rebate till 9/5, limit 1. 89.95-$20rebate=69.95.


that being said, already ordered 3 here. will tape 2 together, load with identical media files, then only use one, the other is backup.
these will plug nicely into my cheapo bluray player. and 1 to spare.
refurb hard drives, i must be outta my mind…
just had a disk fail on my main work computer last night, RAID’ed thank god…


One of mine arrived without the USB cable. Kinda useless without it. How do I go about getting a cable shipped to me?

These are warrantied by WD. They are the ones most likely to have a replacement for you.