WD MyPassport Ultra Portable Hard Drives

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WD MyPassport Ultra Portable Hard Drives
Price: $39.99 - 89.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Tuesday, Jul 12 to Friday, Jul 15) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Has anyone tried one of these as an external drive for a Nintendo WiiU? I’ve had terrible luck getting external hard drives to work with it, due to the power constraints.

I Googled for you. It looks like it should work.

I recently lost all the videos of my kids from 2010-2014 due to one of these getting thrown on the floor*.

So my wise advice is…

  • backup to the cloud AND this!
  • if this has your only copy of anything, don’t tote this around, try to leave it at home, wrapped in a silk blanket and foam balls.

*yes, I sent it to the best recovery lab in the country. They couldn’t get the data off. Sigh.

You probably weren’t going to have any better luck with any other hard drive from another manufacturer. “Thrown on the ground” is kind of a death sentence for this sort of tech.

So you’re blaming the drive for failing when it was subjected to conditions outside of what it was designed for?

That being said, I am not buying another car again because it failed to work properly after I drove it into a bridge abutment.

How come the opening spiel goes on about ultra hard when it says ultra portable? Must’ve changed the title after-the-fact or something

Refurb is a difficult proposition on a hard drive. Meaning of refurb for this item not made apparent in description. Not spending my time hunting for it, assuming the info has even been shared somewhere. Pass.

I picked one of these up the last time they were on here and still working. I’d have no issue of buying again if I needed to.

Sorry that you lost all those videos, that’s brutal to say the least.

With that having been said, it’s still a spinning hard drive just like any other spinning hard drive. Yes it’s designed to be portable, no it’s not designed to be thrown on the floor. It’s got platters inside same as any other hard drive. If you’re the sort that “throws hard drives on the floor” then I’d heartily recommend going for a solid state drive instead next time you’re in the market for an external.

All of that having been said, your point is a good (albeit unrelated one). Always have multiple backups in different locations if you have things that are very important to you: whether that’s a second hard drive in a safety deposit box (which is what I do) or a “set to private” album on facebook. Either way redundancy is important.

p.s.This is the exact hd I keep in my safety deposit box and I’ve never had a problem. For my day to day backups at home I use a non-portable western dig.

Factory reconditioned > refurbished, but I see your point.

If you did buy one, you could always install SMART tools and run all of the drive tests on it, and get detailed analysis of how “used” the drive is (power-on hours, power-on cycles, number of times the heads parked, etc). That might give you some peace of mind WRT future reliability.

Here’s some results from a different model external WD drive I have:
Raw_Read_Error_Rate 0
Spin_Up_Time 4175
Start_Stop_Count 776
Reallocated_Sector_Ct 0
Seek_Error_Rate 0
Power_On_Hours 1358
Spin_Retry_Count 0
Calibration_Retry_Count 0
Power_Cycle_Count 312
Power-Off_Retract_Count 3
Load_Cycle_Count 24182
Temperature_Celsius 29

You could try using a cable like this with it, so that it’ll pull power from two USB ports instead of one.


I think all the original reviewer was saying is that you should have a backup for your backup.

Get one of these AND use the cloud.

Or GET TWO of these.(and at these prices, why not?)

I have never bought a refurb drive, but I have a small fleet of WD portables – they are great.

Anyone who knows anything about backup is that the key to success is redundancy.

I don’t see any thing in the guys post that says he is blaming the drive. He admitted to his mistake and was just trying be helpful to others in warning them that if your info is really important: back it up in more than one place.

I have the 2TB (also refurb) for my kid’s Xbox One storage. Works fine so far, a couple months.

ahem Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks ahem

You can do something formal, but “back it up in two places” is a pretty good idea.

I like the idea of having two cheap drives, and putting the same data on both of them once in a while. Bonus points for having one of them off-site, so a fire doesn’t take both of them out at the same time.

Don’t like the idea of putting photos on the cloud, without encrypting the blob first. Some clouds are dark.

That’s the write-up, not product specific info; it’s literally just there for your entertainment.

That totally stinks.

Wirecutter just posted a good guide to the three-way backup system.

Is this one of the WD drives where you HAVE to log on to a WD site to use? Already sent one back that had that requirement.