WD TV Live Media Player with Wi-Fi

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This is a really fantastic set-top box that can handle everything I ever threw at it, including DVD menus from ISO and VIDEO_TS files and folders. If you have media on your network, this box can make sure you can watch them.

My understanding is that this box does not have Netflix, though, despite the writeup. Netflix was part of the WD Live Plus. This box is about streaming every media file format you can find.

Do you have this one? I have the wired version, running with the WDLX firmware, and it’s great. How’s the wifi performance?

I bought one of these, a Chromecast and a Roku.

I gave the Chromecast to a friend, but I kept the Roku for HBOGo and Amazon Prime, and I kept the WD to watch virtually every video format possible. It’s a little clunky and slow (sometimes you wonder if it’s even responsive) but it will play anything you throw at it.

TONS of solid reviews (4 out of 5 eggs) over at newegg.com


More solid reviews (4.2 out of 5.0) over at bestbuy.com


I love these things. I bought one and hooked it up to the video inputs on our Minivans video system. It has slingbox integration and can run off of my phones hot spot so we have full cable TV access in the van. I also throw a bunch of movies and shows for the kids on a Thumb drive to avoid using up too much data.

While this will play most videos you throw at it, I can attest that, contrary to the specs, it does not support ssa or ass subtitles.
If you have subtitles in those formats which use the positioning, coloring, or really any of the capabilities of the format they will not display correctly. You will get one line at the bottom of the screen, even if more than one line is supposed to be displayed.
If you don’t use these subtitle formats then this box is fine, but if you use or need them, this is not the box for you.

Hey Woot , please find some Dlink Boxee Box for us :slight_smile:


does this play video from upnp or from a mapped windoze share? The nas cloud’s twonky can’t stream things like mkv, thus I have to view my videos with a das tornado connection.

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Had one of these then promptly got rid of it. Even if you can get past the sluggish OS performance, the box has serious issues.

The biggest one, in our experience, was network performance and the fact that it did not play nice with windows 7. Even after you designated permissions and passwords, WDTV would still lose network locations and media access at seeming random, sometimes halfway through playback, but almost always from one session to the next. I’m not exactly a networking amateur and was nearly ready to throw the device across the room as we were constantly forced to re-enter all the information that had dumped.

Heat was the next issue. The box runs hot, as if it’s always working whether powered on or off. This would cause issues in and of itself, such as powering off and freezing; though the latter could be due to the crappy OS.

The anemic speed WDTV runs at exacerbates all of the problems above, as does the lack of any sort of ‘busy’ indicator light to denote activity within the box itself, making it impossible to tell whether your WDTV is just moving at a snails pace or completely failed at its appointed task. Apps move at that same sluggish pace and some will leave you scratching your head why they even bothered, like the stripped-to-the-bone facebook app.

When you actually plug things in- such as a USB drive or wireless dongle for mouse/keyboard -it worked as advertised since there was no other network or OS to negotiate with… Which kinda of defeats at least part of the ‘with WiFi’ and media sharing features.

Your mileage, OS and wireless network all vary, so you might be able to get this up and running without issues… But neither are my problems unique. Molest google. Do your homework. Save your money.

Are you absolutely sure you ran ISO DVD files from this drive? That is NOT listed in the specs. That was really the only deal breaker I saw with this. I would love to have one if I could be sure it would play my ISO content…Please answer soon…Thank you

Absolutely does DVD ISOs. It DOES have Netflix. This is the Gen 3 model. Gen 2 Live did not have Netflix. The new firmware also now supports SiriusXM. Definitely need another. In for one.

As for performance, yes some Windows 7 issues, but sluggish-not so much in this model.

Just wanted to say I’ve had one of these units as well as the older Live Hub units in service for a long time now and not had any of the problems you mention in regards to network shares, passwords, etc etc. These are FANTASTIC media players.

As far as freezing- One thing I will say I have noticed is their wireless connection seems to be sensitive to interference; for the longest time I thought my unit had heat issues (based on the info found online) until I discovered that unplugging the USB wireless network adapter from my AV receiver (that sat about 18 inches from my WD) cured the occasional freezing issues I was having.

Great little box if you want to be forever in Beta testing or are geeky enough to see that as a benefit rather than a curse.

I’ve had several WDTV boxes, and they have all played .ISO files without issue.

Sure does. Here’s my setup. Living room tv has a wdtv live hub hooked up, back bedroom has wdtv live, all networked to my synology nas via a wd powerline adapter. You could also run the wdtv via wifi - I’ve tried it and it works fine, but I prefer the stability of a wired connection, especially for hd steaming. Hence the powerline. Anyway, all are networked to my nas via windows shares. It also has the ability to share via Mac shares and Linux (nfs). I’ve had zero issues with my box(es). I love them and use them every day.

I have had this unit for a couple of years now, networked through my Win7 pc, 3 external HDs and I find it to be amazing. Updates do take awhile, and as far as the slow response, while it can be “slow”, I guess that would depend on one’s definition of slow. It is not an immediate gratification response, but it does respond within 15 seconds. I’m OK with that.

Does it have a web browser? If so, can it stream video imbedded in web pages?