We <3 Breakfast

I am curious if anyone can explain the “flavor lock” system.

The French Press type milk frothers work better than these wisk type frothers.

Notice that they show cups of fancy espresso but have no espresso makers for sale?

Nor any fancy espresso cups or saucers, which is what I was hoping to see when I clicked in.

wait so the ice coffee maker is just a coffee maker that goes into a plastic pitcher rather than the usual glass one? lol

Quick! We found one who has somehow become de-hypnotized! He must be contained! Lock him in a room and make him watch a repeat of the Academy Awards show until it takes effect!

what is the difference between the black and white Cuisinart thermal coffee makers besides color and $7?

Best as I can tell, it’s the color.

they have different model numbers but from what I can tell its just a code for it being black

What is a “French Press type milk frother?”