We <3 Cyclists

Looking at the WOOT stats on this sale, I would have to say that there was only 1 of the carts available. Wowzers

I keep wanting to buy the FUEL Boxes, but doggone it I don’t want that pouch to be zippered. If my bike was upside down or otherwise “non-vertical”, things falling out of the pouch would be the least of my concerns. I just need easier one-handed access to my stuff while pedaling and I can only imagine that a zipper is harder to get open than my current “super mega mart” Velcro-closure special.

Looks like you are correct! Would have grabbed one myself if any had been left approximately 20 hours into the sale. Another prime example of how Woot is the pits since the amazon takeover. This isn’t the first time either have missed out several times when there have been fewer than five or even just 2-3 of an item available. Now during a wootoff I can see this happening but come on now this is supposed to be a multi day sale.
Well it is there loss, would imagine that this isn’t the only customer that has become so disgusted that what used to be a daily visit has been reduced to occasionally.