We Are Great!

Merry Grootmas everyone.

Catches the trembly aspect of the Peanuts tree


Shouldn’t Groot’s lights be on? Is he not plugged in?

Das ist sehr groot.

Is something broken again? I would figure there’d be some stats by now …

He’s lit up here: :slight_smile:


Thank you, voters! We are Groot. :slight_smile:

@narfcake The stats are working for me, just not showing up in the forums.

Love the design, wish it wasn’t on silver :frowning:

This needs to be a hoodie! We need more hoodies!

Love the graphic, hate the T-shirt color…

If there was a shirt that should be white, this is it…

No tote? Got the tote last time, was hoping to be able to gift another Groot tote this year.

Perhaps I’m just not clicking the correct area?

I’d buy this in a heartbeat if it was a hoodie or even a tote…

I see the Sales Stats. What are you asking about?

The opening wootbot post; it was really broken on Caturday …