We Are the Resistance

And we are not futile.

This is a Star Wars shirt. It is about Star Wars.

Please keep political bickering elsewhere on the internet.

Jeez, now I want to know.

You really don’t.

It’s almost certainly intended to be about Star Wars and politics, as anyone paying attention to the news would know. It’s no accident that it’s being made now, whether people choose to see it that way or not. Like so many Woot shirts, it’s a double entendre/double reference. If you don’t like it, then it ignore it. If you don’t know it, then don’t worry about it. C’est la vie.

I already joined! Congrats on the print, Wences. Adorable as usual.


My post pretty much said that I was disappointed in Woot running a political shirt, along the same lines of a shirt that said “NOPE” with the previous administration’s campaign logo being used for the O.

It didn’t weigh in on either side (both asinine, to be honest). All it did was ask whether Woot wanted to open the door to politics. As someone who has been a member for nearly a decade, I would hope not.

As I messaged the moderator who deleted my post (and didn’t even have the courtesy of messaging / emailing / reaching out and explaining why): “With all due respect, if you don’t want posts talking about politics (which mine was not, and did not take either asinine side of the current bull**** that is going on), don’t post shirts that have political messages – subtle or not.”

That’s crappy that your comment was deleted. I wondered what led to the other person’s comment because yours wasn’t there when I posted. I agree with you that this definitely has political undertones. That doesn’t happen to bother me, but I can understand why it would bother others. Hence my “c’est la vie” comment. But it’s definitely not the only one with political undertones. There aren’t many, but I’ve seen others on here. It used to be easy to escape and separate spheres. That’s unfortunately less true these days. In any case, I’m disappointed to hear your comment was removed when it doesn’t seem to violate community guidelines. Thanks for clarifying.

We strive to keep our daily threads on topic. The post was very political and had some profanity as well. This doesn’t meet our guidelines.

I don’t recall any profanity; unless we’re talking acronyms. If I did slip then I apologize. I wouldn’t mind seeing exactly what I posted, as I didn’t keep a copy of it. I did try to keep it as respectful as possible, but I really do think woot should try to remain as non-political as possible. There are millions of other places I can buy my Obummer and Drumpf shirts.

As for politics, that too was not present – unless the fact that the post was against political items being sold on woot is in of itself political.

I love this shirt, but can’t wear the color red. Please add another color option and I’ll totally buy it!

Great shirt! I love Star Wars and I love the board game Resistance so this shirt is perfect for me!

I love it but it also looks like she’s punching herself in the face…
Or am I the only one?