We-Became-A-Dysfunctional-Family-In-Our-Bowl of Cereal-Thread-And-Just-Can't-Let-Go

See this thread for details! This post specifically.


HAHAHA This is awesome!! I do love getting on here and checking the boards! This will hopefully be a good thread!!


I predict massive lameness.

I think, instead of a Winnie the Pooh toothbrush holder, we should mail around a prosthetic leg that goes off for no apparent reason. Of course, it will need fresh batteries first.

Don’t send it to me.

Now that you’re here, I agree.

What did you think I meant?

Help me out here… How exactly does a prosthetic leg “go off”? Is it one with a knee and a motor?

Is this a private thread? Don’t want to inturde…

As long as you have the appropriate stats.

You’re good.

welcome to woot.

EDIT: Anyone not familiar with the whole stats joke, disregard… there are no requirements to be here.

I didn’t want to get in trouble with the whole filter thing. Prosthetic leg is the filter for a B.O.B.



Love You, Mean It? or maybe it was Lets Yodle Most Impressively I always forget.

Glad you came over to EBW, makes it much easier.

Is this the place to talk about nothing at all?

Or less?


Plus more.

My first EBW link:

The History of Yodeling

We were going to talk about you. Maybe not so much now.

Who told him where we were???

Heads are gonna roll.