We Carves People

the brain looks strangely like a turkey to me…

but I love the shirt!

They could use the top of his head that they cut off as the bowl to hold the candy. A perfect use of resources.

Wow! Grats on the print! I really like how the colors fit the shirt color. Nice blend of creepy, cute, and funny.

YAY! Bootsboots! This kid must be from Soviet Russia!

This is exactly why you don’t let your kids wonder off when trick or treating!

::maniacal cackling:: Mmmm, time for the annual lobotomy!

Congrats, Boots!

Yay! Congrats Boots!

Morbid. I love it.

These are two Great Pumpkins that you do not want visiting your pumpkin patch.


er…oooookay woot. scratches head right then. never mind

yay! Had my fingers crossed for this one- it was too clever not to want :slight_smile: Congratulations BootsBoots!

Who wants to go pumpkin smashing? REVENGE THE CARVED MAN!

What are they gonna cook with all those human guts? Some sort of traditional pie?

Always nice to see you print, Boots! Creepy, this one; I like it.

not sure you wanna scratch your head with a shirt like this

congrats boots

Is anyone else tired of Halloween themed shirts?

Amusing but a bit too disturbing for me.

“do not want” is a phrase that messes with the filter. Typically because wooters say it when they just don’t care for an item.