We Carves People

Nice job, Boots, but you forgot one thing.

There should be a tiger coming out of the kid’s head.

i love it, and would buy it, but its just not a shirt you wear all year long…

Well deserved win. Have some pie. I won’t ask what you stuff yours with.

do not want

i just wanted to see that phrase the censor puts up instead

i would get it but uhh wish i had a job


This has the advantage of being better than yesterday’s zombie shirt. :wink:

So did Skatetown. Sadly, that didn’t make it sell more.

One again boots you make the clouds all go away with your wit and charm.

that’s right, they’ll scare themselves to death.

(oh, eventually you’ll figger it out)

“Three times through for them to be tender and juicy. Three times through the grinder. Smoothly, smoothly…”

Mmmmm… Human pie.

cute bootsboots is good. But I LOVE me some creepy bootsboots! This is just so wrong, it’s gotta be right!

congratx, boots - definitely in for one!

Not to be a hater, but can anyone explain how that’s incidental text. Personally I think it detracts from the shirt anyways…

b/c the shirt still makes sense without the text. the text might add a little humor that wouldn’t be there otherwise, but it’s not integral to the design. the fact that you think it would be better without the text is the best illustration of the rule, i think.

nice job boots. i wonder what’s coming tomorrow. haven’t been keeping up super well, but i was thinking we were gonna see this tomorrow. hope to see draxx.

I’m extremely pleased to have purchased this! And unlike some posters, I don’t have any problem wearing it out of season :slight_smile:

Minced Meats? :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone. I’m surprised to see this today too. I was expecting Drakxxx (tomorrow for him then!)

That was a wicked write up. I enjoyed the story thoroughly.


No, really, guys! That isn’t the filter! Get 'em off me! lol

Boots why isn’t this sold out yet??? Nine o’clock in the morning EST and it’s still here? I was surprised. Congrats, though, on 2nd place!

Wow. This would make a great Christmas shirt. In for one!

And hey, if you don’t want to go the full monty, and would just like to carve a pumpkin and * feel * like you’re carving up a human being, this farmer figured out how to grow pumpkins in the shape of human faces.

Yay! Congrats, Boots! In for one, and again with overnight shipping.

I’m helping my daughter’s 2nd grade class get ready for their parade on Friday; think I should wear this??

Now I’m waiting for Draxxx to print!