We Carves People

It’s so morbid and cute!

Maybe not for the kids, but if the parents find out you could be looking for a new job!

Yay, yay, yay, I was SOOOOO happy to see this when I woke up. Good job, Boots!

For she’s a jolly good fellow, for she’s a jolly good fellow, for she’s a jolly good fell-el-el-ooooow, which nobody can deny! (well they can try to deny it, but I will deny their denying it)

Seriously, seeing that you made second instead of the predicted third (or even fourth) made my day. Thanks.

Awesome! I loved this one Boots. I’m a sucker for morbid+cute.

Love the shirt. Got to have one for my Halloween costume. Hope it arrives in time.

Obviously, they will use it to make a “kid-spiced Halloween Ale”

I can just imagine the conversation now:

‘Please handle that scalpel’
‘Hand me that candle’
‘Hey whats this?’
‘I’m not sure’
‘Do ya think he needs it, Dr.Pumpkinface?’
‘No, i’m pretty sure’
‘Ok, lets get rid of this stuff, and hand me the choclate’

ah sweet revenge…

So glad this shirt printed. Now, if we get a tie tonight, wouldn’t that be interesting? Tee Trade would probably get very busy.

Congrats on the print! so awesome design!

The best part about this making 2nd is the likely avoidance of the “sophies choice” between this OR Drakxxx, since it is likely that the latter wouldn’t have been overtaken in six minutes only.

I defer this idea to jmmbell, I think, who came up with that brilliant little wording in the original thread.

The original Sophie’s choice analogy was so nice. I got a little misty eyed when I read it. It’s probably for the best that the ■■■■’s are probably going to have to take the cat. That cat has obviously got some serious balls and can handle itself.

The people speaking with their $10 seem to disagree with your opinion ^.^

if it happens they should do what i did during one tie and in the forum just tell someone to go in with them and you’ll give them the shirt you don’t want for ~$6. that way only one has to order and you know for sure you won’t be stuck with something you don’t want

The people speaking with their $10 think Nevermore is the best shirt ever.

Game. Set. Match.

When Grow and Death on a Pale White Unicorn tied in Line Art, I simply bought Death the next day. I refused to be part of Grow’s success.

Though, insipid as that shirt was, I almost miss it with this nonsense lately

Maybe I can get my wife to go instead.

Yes. They’re fun to look at, but I won’t be buying any.

Those are the people voting with their $15. The people voting with their $5 have to wait for teefury random shirt days.

I’m just sad that it’s 10/28 and the shirt only just shipped from Texas today. I hope it gets here by Friday. :frowning: