We Cool?



I got the Haier 14,000 BTU Commercial Cool Portable Air Conditioner a while back and it is GREAT! Just be aware that it can draw up to 15 amps and may need to be placed on it’s own power circuit. I had to run an extension cable to an un-used outlet to prevent it from tripping the breaker, but otherwise this was the best $300 I spent all summer!


The Lasko fan combo pack sucks…

  1. the mini clip fan broke the first night I used it and shorted out

  2. the tower fan just doesn’t move air.

Take your money and invest in something a bit nicer than this junk…


Any hopes of getting desktop fans, preferrably powered by USB?


I’ll send in your request to the buyer.


“Soleus PH3-12R-03 Portable Air Conditioner 12,000 BTU with Remote Control”

As many BTU’s as the commando 8!



Thanks for the heads up, was just about to buy one


We have had a similar tower fan from Lasko for about 5 years and really like it. Our living room ceiling isn’t conducive to a ceiling fan, but we needed something to stir the air. We paid about $80 for our Lasko tower fan back then, and nearly everyone who visits and sees it goes out to buy one of their own. I am sorry to hear that someone was disappointed in the brand. I ordered one of these yesterday from Woot to put on our boat (if it didn’t sink in Isaac – waiting for the water to recede so we can check on it). Last night I spotted the same model on sale at Sam’s for about $70.


I only buy noisy fans without visible blades that don’t move much air but cost a lot of money.

Usually refurbs.

Why doesn’t woot ever have any of those…


Maybe you got a bad couple of fans.
I got this combo a couple of months ago. The tower moves air just fine for me. I’m using it to help push cool air farther into a room with southern exposure, and it hasn’t stopped running since the day I got it. I’ve had absolutely no issues with it, and it’s done exactly what I’d hoped it would do, which is assist the central air with cooling the room.
The desk fan is working great too and the clip has held up perfectly fine. It too hasn’t been turned off since I got it.
The only complaint I have is that the clip is a bit awkward to use and could have more functionality. Otherwise, I’m perfectly happy with both of them.
Sorry you got the lemons.


Im not a fan.


I got the Lasko fan last time it was offered and I say I’m pleased with it. I just moved into a house with two of my friends and none of our rooms have a ceiling fan. While my roommates rooms tend to have humid rooms, my room remains cool. Whenever we gather in one room to play video games or go in the living room, I tend to bring the fan and it creates an enjoyable air flow.


I got the Lasko combo pack a few months ago. I love it. I run it in my bedroom every night so the a/c dosen’t have to go on every 12 seconds, but I’m still nice and chilly.

It moves a good bit of air around and is pretty quiet on the highest speed. I’m getting another for my living room.

Don’t use the clippy fan much, but it you’re gonna throw it in, why the heck not?


I use the small fan but not the clippy part.