We Found Some More!

All I can say re the Ardente is Squee!!! In for 3, and so glad I decided to wait till 10 AM to buy the Geyser Peak daily wine woot to combine shipping. So much for not buying wine while taking the meds that won’t allow drinking. Now really sorry I didn’t get the RBW Malbec from last week.

This wine was offered July 9th


why the comment:

“The 2007 Geyser Peak Winery Red Wine is a rare wine that has never been released and is now available to the Wine.Woot community”.

Down to 36 bottles of Ardente got 2 (6) in the cart, most likely will go for 3 and get some of the Merlot offered today

How much more life are giving the Ardente? I loved every bottle I had, but wondering if I can drink through another three prior to this baby going dull. Any thoughts? I know a lot of this stuff has been tasted by the community…

Just as it says, this was never publically released. It’s basically a woot-exclusive.

My notes on the mcclean Viognier

Viognier was interesting, muted yellow with fresh cut peaches on the nose and smelled crisp. The palate was a whole different deal. Much softer than I was anticipating and but continued with the peaches. Finish was medium and tart/sour. I would not pick it up again.

Are you a viognier fan and basing this review on other viogniers, or is this one of your first forays into the varietal?

Ah. Skimmed past offerings and came up with the fact that the Viognier sat in oak for 24 months.

Data offered in case it is important to anyone else; it’s a auto-buy killer for me.

I did not take formal notes on the '97 Ardente but it was enjoyed by all who tried it after the Scott Harvey wine dinner in Ohio this past April.

Here are my CT notes for the Woot Cellars Triacipedis;
Nose of apples, grapefruit, pears and honeysuckle. Crisp, steely entry with green apples, pears, guava and petrol on the palate. Heavy, slightly viscous mouthfeel and tart citrus on the finish with some lingering petrol.

I’m not super picky with white wine and like a pretty wide variety of styles. This just didn’t do it for me and your right on the oak. The oak didn’t necessarily come out in the flavor of the wine but definitely impacted the feel. I quite liked the flavor actually.

My wife is much pickier and didn’t care for it at all but I have no notes from her other than don’t buy that again. Chardonnay fans may like this quite a bit. It’s not buttery but the mouth feel is similar to an Oaked chard.

So, I really want to get the Ardente but I am still kind of confused about how the shipping works. Indiana is a state that allows shipping, but I’ve never seen or at least, haven’t noticed, the list on Wine.Woot get updated.

So…if I order, is it checked against a current list and it will be shipped? Or if I order, will it just be cancelled and there’s something else going on?

I’ve been missing out on lots of wine woots since I can’t find any clarification on that. It’s all because I decided to move here when I came back to the US, haha.

Indiana? It’s complicated… kind of. My understanding is that in the past you could only have wine shipped to you in IN from wineries that you physically visited but they have opened that up to where you can now order wine direct from a winery without the requirement of having visited said winery in person. However, IN legislators are still not amenable to having wine shipped to you via a third party. Wine.woot is a third party.

HERE is a page with relevant information pertaining to laws affecting direct shipment of wine to IN.

A bit like which counties observed Daylight time which year; what a mess that was.


2011 McClean Vineyards Viognier
1997 Ardente Estate Winery Cabernet Sauvignon Espressione
2007 Geyser Peak Winery Red Wine
2011 Woot Cellars Triacipedis in the Dominion of the Flower-King

In for Ardente and 2007 Geyser Peak and the Geyser Peak Merlot!!

edit: It’s a great day on woot to buy wine! Now it’s time to drink some…

Anyone try their Geyser Peak Red Wine from the last appearance on Woot yet? Love to get in on some if there were favorable reviews.

the Trifecta! that’s good work!!

IMO, you should be good, assuming proper storage, for another year, easily. I’d guess 2 years wouldn’t be an issue.

Are you guys decanting the Ardente?

Will it hold up recorked (without RJ’s fancy AR gassing) overnight, or does it fall apart on the second night?

I’m definitely in for the generically labeled Geyser Peak!! It sold out before I managed to pull the trigger last time around.

I decanted about an hour. Can’t comment on day two. We finished the bottle.