We Got Five on It

happy birthday!

Is it copyright infringement if I get this tattooed on me?

This shirt is soo gangster.

We should start a biker gang with these shirts!

The shirt artist will buy you a beer.

The actual tank top doesn’t have those white parts. That’s an outdated file that somehow didn’t get saved over. The actual print looks like the tee and hoodie. We’ll if we can get it fixed.

Or a temporarily tattoo would be cool too!

Woot should make those and throw them into random boxes.

Oh, wow! Again, so soon? Happy Anniversary Day Woot! :slight_smile:

Hey Woot when you gonna have another shirt.woot party, I wanna go :slight_smile:

Oh my goose! I would buy the heck out of that ‘robo-mantis’ shirt pictured in the first year blog. I want to take it behind the woodshed and make a shirt out of it.

Omg. I actually need this hoodie. So expensive though!! :\

Edit: Well this is an interesting word filter…
o.m.g. >> omg

bring back hat.woot


Not if I do it. Otherwise, yes…

Happy Birthday Shirt.Woot! Hope you have many more.

I remember this!

I’d probably buy it on a tote, but not a shirt.

Many happy returns, shirt.woot and crew.

Since you just turned five, shouldn’t the shirts be $5.00? It would work better since your slogan is ‘give us five’…

Well, I’m in for one on principle. Have a happy birthday, and if you happen to accidentally print my MXL on grey or white, I’d be the happiest wooter ever.

Did Woot have a 1st or 2nd birthday shirt? I remember the 3rd and 4th birthday shirts but not the other two.

I really like this design and I usually like off-center placements, but this one looks too bulky. Maybe I’ll get the hoodie.

Can anyone speak to the “lightweightedness” of the “lightweight hoodie”. Here in Ohio, the over-sized hooded sweatshirt is a wardrobe staple from about November to April. If it’s too light though, it might not work. Anyone have a woot! hoodie & can fill me in before I drop $35 on it? Thanks.