We Got Five on It

Man, it would seem like they could send this shirt out GRATIS to those of us who have spent a stink load of money on their shirts… instead… the price has gone up.? When I invite folk to a birthday party, I pay for their stuff, not collect at the door.

Don’t get any lamer woot… remember back to five years ago at how you did business and your unique nature if you’re gonna reminisce…

-wootwearer, (though a bit chapped)

Very disappointed with the “F5” reference… Some of us do decide to buy Overly priced facebook machines called Macbooks and iMacs which do not use the “F5” Key. I think you should have added the “command+R” shortcut as well.

What’s up with having 6 size choices for men but only 4 for women?

So what you’re saying is: this shirt will NOT work with your Mac?

It’s more like a long-sleeved shirt with a zipper and a small hood than an actual sweatshirt (no fuzzies).

Got mine! I’m such a sucker for the “big event” shirts like this. Plus I had a coupon.
I call this design “Ed HardLy”.

Happy Mirthday, shirt.woot!

(They grow up so fast… snif)

Did Woot have a 1st or 2nd birthday shirt? I remember the 3rd and 4th birthday shirts but not the other two.

here is the one from 2008:

if they had one in 2009, I missed it

They had a 1st birthday shirt, but no second b-day shirt. Here’s the link to the 1st:

I own the 1st and 4th birthday shirts. I couldn’t afford anything the summer of the 3rd birthday, so I missed that one. I won’t be buying the shirt this year, because it’s on Anvil. That’s something I can’t celebrate.

Nuthin’ worse than being told you’re ugly on your birthday…well don’t ya listen to any of that pooter-hoot Woot…I think ur real purty. Especially ur mouth!

Apparently they got started on that hangover before the page went up…the description says the design is going to be centered, but the pictures show side placement. So to whomever got stuck being the designated moderator for this bash (That stinks–have a complimentary soft drink!) which is it?

yes, but do you have the matching shirt to go with it, complete with user comment quotes on the back, all in glorious purple? Mine ar in storage somewhere…

That would be awesome!

Works just fine with Firefox. I use it enough in my vain attempts to get a Bain of Capital.

Nice placement on the t-shirt. I’m in for [one of] the lightweight [hoodies] since the “Wootie Zip-Up Hoodie” was heavy weight:


After ordering last night, I started wondering why Shirt.Woot couldn’t have a bag of c.r.a.p for ITS birthday, just as regular Woot did.

They could simply throw in a few random tees (in the same size b-day tee you ordered), and call it a Bag Of Shirt. It’s similar to a bag of c.r.a.p, especially if you take the “r” out of the word “shirt”.

Are you with me on this, Woot?

Yay! happy b-day woot shirt!

Any advice for women buying hoodies? to they run tight or loose? according to the sizing chart I am XL! sounds big for a hoodie for me!

I LOVE THIS DESIGN!! I was just about to click my way to shirt heaven right until I noticed that the design is off-centered. That totally killed it for me! Who was drunk when they were inking this one? Had to have been drunk since it says “Design Placement: Centered”…right…

Sweet design though.

It looks like the unisex tee is made in USA.

Well I didn’t look at the size chart, and now I have an XL lightweight hoodie that is waayyyy too small. I wear a large size t-shirt but I never imagined this hoodie would fit 2 sizes small. It literally barely makes it 0.5 inch past my belt while standing and fits very tight around my midsection (I’m fairly thin too). Anybody have a 2XL lightweight hoodie to sell or trade?