We had a lot of discussion about CSI after our poll of a few days ago. Who's your favorite CSI franchise lead investigator?

CSI? Sorry, not a fan.

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Personally it’s time for a female lead investigator.


Bonita Granville in Nancy Drew

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Norman Buntz? Or Andy Sipowicz?

CSI: Cyber. Patricia Arquette was the lead. Two seasons.

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William all the way!
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Wrong William! Clearly, I am not a CSI fan. :sweat_smile:

I think Ted Danson was perfectly cast as the lead investigator who moonlighted as a bartender!

He was brilliant playing as the slightly dumb bar owner/bartender with a crush on the super smart waitress gal. Getting clues for crimes from a regular cast of shady patrons who inhabit the pub!

Wait. What? What do you mean that was a completely different show? On a completely different network?
And was comedy, not crime drama?

Man, have you TOTALLY lost it? What planet have you come from?


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Here is role model for CSI
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V Mars. Always.

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Special Victims Unit Reaction GIF by Law & Order

Gary’s niece.